Will Liz & Austin Move To Be Together After 'Big Brother 17'? He's Definitely Into The Idea

If you are up-to-date on the live feed action, you know that Austin and Liz are officially dating on Big Brother 17 . So what does this mean for life after the show? Austin lives in Los Angeles and Liz lives in Miami, which certainly complicates things. Is it possible for their relationship to thrive outside of the house? Will Liz or Austin move to make their relationship work, or will the end of Big Brother 17 mean the end of Liztin?

The one major surprise for me this season has been the progression of this showmance. At first, Liz admitted to associating with Austin for strategic reasons to keep herself and her twin sister safe. He was very much into her and would do anything to protect her in the game. Then they started spending more time together and Liz reluctantly started to like Austin. In a recent episode she said she was "93 percent into him." Nevertheless, fans all know that Austin has been in love with her from the beginning and he really wants their relationship to progress.

Well, these two have gone from zero to 100, real quick. They went from resisting kisses to sharing very intimate moments caught by the Big Brother cameras. Will Liztin be able to survive if they do not have nightly cuddle sessions? Clearly, Austin was wondering the same thing, because in addition to making things official with Liz, he also asked her to move to Los Angeles so they could be together.

This whole thing is a little too much for me. Yes, I know that no one really knows what a relationship is like other than the two people in it, but I feel like there's some sort of exception when there is 24/7 live footage of their interaction. So taking that into account, it seems like this relationship is moving a little quickly. And Liz's twin sister, Julia, seems to agree with me.

Liz and Austin only know each other in the context of a game and she continually talks smack on him in the interviews. I know that I am not the only one thrown off by her considering this offer so soon in their relationship.

Another important thing to consider is that when Austin entered the Big Brother house, he talked about having a girlfriend at home. In his head, he broke up with the ex, but considering that they've had zero contact with him being sequestered on the show, I just don't think that counts. Liz may not want to make any major decisions about Austin until he gets his other relationship settled.

From what viewers have seen of this showmance so far, I think the best thing for Liz and Austin to do is wait and see what their relationship is like outside of the Big Brother house before moving to be near each other or taking any other big steps. It's impossible for either of them to truly know what will happen to their relationship when it enters the real world.

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Image: CBS