Why Isn't Calvin Harris At The VMAs? He's Got A Good Reason & Besides, It's Great To See Taylor Shine Alone

If last year's MTV Video Music Awards were all about Beyoncé, the 2015 VMAs are all about Taylor Swift. The 25-year old is nominated for a whopping nine awards, and already this Sunday night, Swift is stealing the show (as expected), not least of all with her debut of her music video for "Wildest Dreams." But why isn't Calvin Harris at the VMAs? After all, Swift's boyfriend has been by her side plenty of times recently, so it's a surprise to see him absent. Still, it is great to see Taylor have her moment alone.

Harris and Swift have been openly, totally in love for a few months now, and they're a new kind of power couple, even making more money than Jay Z and Beyonce in the last year. Even though they kept things under wraps at first, they've since spread the love through their Instagrams and tweets and general lovey-doveyness any chance they get. So it was a surprise that Harris didn't attend the ceremony, but it was for the best, because Taylor is at her coolest at awards shows when she goes stag and has a good ol' dorky time with her friends. And it's not like he didn't have a good reason; Harris is currently in Europe, on tour. On Sunday morning, his Snapchat revealed that he was in Glasgow, where he is set to perform tonight at the Summer Sessions alongside Ellie Goulding. There's just no way he could've attended the VMAs, as much as Tayvin fans might've wanted to see him there.

Personally, I'm glad he didn't attend. Swift is never one to shy away from dancing like a true fan in the audience at any and every awards show. Harris is the first serious relationship Swift has been in in quite some time, so while it's natural he would attend the ceremony with her, I'm glad he stayed away, because I love those pan-to-audience shots of Swift dancing like a nerd or gossiping/Instagramming/giggling with whichever one of her powerful girlfriends she's sitting next to. Even though I'm glad that Swift seems like she's finally in a healthy relationship, it's nice to see her sweep Sunday night's awards going solo.