Is Carly Single After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? There Are Plenty Of 'Bachelor' Nation Guys She Could Move On With

Carly girl, I just want you to find love. Sure it seems like she's all set with Kirk (who seems like a legitimately good guy) but — in case you missed my latest theory — I think that Carly and Kirk's relationship is over and we already know that one relationship will end on the Bachelor In Paradise finale. It's hard to picture that being them right now, considering their high levels of cute as the season flies towards its finale, but I'm pretty sure they don't last past Mexico. But, is Carly single after Bachelor in Paradise ? And, if so, what's a girl to do when she has to head back to Nashville sans Kirk? Get home, shake it off, and date all of the other eligible men from Bachelor Nation, I'm pretty sure.

We already know that Carly is a Nashville-newbie (according to her Twitter profile), which is the perfect location for her as it just so happens to be very close to other Bachelor castoffs. Seriously, there is a surprising amount of them there (Nashville, what's good?) — ABC could basically do an entire spin-off just located around that area. I've taken a very scientific look at the hotness to proximity ratio and come up with a comprehensive list of all of the men from The Bachelorette that Carly could date. Because it's all about location, location, location, right?


Brady is listed first because he's my actual favorite. And, now that Brady and Britt are no longer together, he's back on the market. We already know he's a romantic and looking for something serious — no commitment issues here. Maybe they could go check out some live music together?

Jason Whitehead

What's that? You don't remember the Construction Consultant from Ali Fedotowsky's season? Well, he was eliminated pretty early on, but seemed like a nice enough guy — and lives in Johnson City, Tennessee.

Cupcake Chris

He lives nearby, already has a cute nickname, and deserves a real shot after being dumped on a cliff in Ireland. Cupcake Chris and Carly loving it up in Nashville — I could see it.

Josh Murray

This ex-professional athlete is from Atlanta, Georgia — so kind of a stretch on location. But he's gorgeous and was completely charming on Andi's season. That's definitely worth meeting in the middle, at least.

Constantine Tzortzis

Yeah, so it is possible he is very happily married. But, if that doesn't work out, have I got an idea for him — hightail it to Nashville and date Carly. Constantine is perhaps most famous for his epic-walk out — he left Ashley's season mid-sow instead of going to the fantasy suite with her in Week 9. Rude? Well, a little. But also honest and true to himself. Plus, he lives in Georgia, so he and Josh could carpool.

Nick Viall

OK, OK — so this one makes no sense geographically (he lives very far away in the mid-west), and for all I know they have never even met. But, can you imagine sweet, good natured Carly with pseudo-villain Nick? The sparks, the redemption arc, the amazing television. Here's hoping they both end up on next season of Bachelor In Paradise.

Even if Carly and Kirk end up calling it quits, she's truly got some great opportunities waiting for her.

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