Brady Toops & Britt Nilsson Broke Up But 'The Bachelorette' Contestant's Explanation Is Too Funny — PHOTO

Kaitlyn Bristowe might take the title for most controversial "Bachelorette" in the show's history, but let's not forget that Season 11 originally started out with Britt Nilsson competing for the title. While Kaitlyn went on to date the show's suitors, Britt found romance with Brady, a musician who removed himself from the running because he was so clearly #TeamBritt. Over the course of the season, viewers were treated to updates about Britt and Brady's romance, but in a July 21 post on his Instagram, Brady confirmed that the two had split.

It's always sad to see a celeb couple break up, especially when they seem so adorably perfect for each other. (Look no further than Britt's inability to stop smiling as she talks about him in a video.) However, it's a breath of fresh air to see the candor and class with which Brady seems to have handled the breakup. The Instagram he posted is a sweet photo of him and Britt and the caption includes his explanation for the split:

1. We had no real celebrity couple mashup name.. Britt(y), Brad(itt). See, there was almost no chance. This was probably the beginning of the end when we realized this.

2. Britt is afraid of heights, and not only am I afraid of heights, but I'm actually afraid of her being afraid of heights. That obviously couldn't work.

3. Once we left the show, they didn't give us any roses. How are we suppose to figure this thing out without any roses? [for you haters out there, I did actually buy her flowers.. 😏]

4. Apparently I needed some more inspiration for my next record, because we all know that break-up records are the records you can't stop listening to (ex. Sam Smith - "In the Lonely Hour", Adele - "21", Coldplay - "Ghost Stories"). Stay tuned.

Sentimental and funny? Don't worry, Olivia Pope, Brady has this handled.

Season 11 of The Bachelorette was filled with questionable men who squabbled, called Kaitlyn "shallow," and even got way too drunk on the first night. Even though Brady left before ever having the chance to date Kaitlyn, it's nice to know that there was another guy in the running who matches the class-level of the ridiculously sweet Jared.

Additionally, in his explanation for their breakup, Brady totally spoofs the show. (Seriously, how do couples make it in a post-Chris Harrison reality?) He also jokes about the nature of celeb couples needing a portmanteau, as well as singers including thinly veiled messages in their music. The world loves a breakup record, and who's to say Britt won't be the inspiration behind Brady's?

In a world of overexposure (especially one in which The Bachelorette plays a key role), Brady is a reminder that you can still keep things classy. We might not know the real reason the couple split, but at least we know it was handled with grace.

Images: ABC; BradyToops/Instagram; Giphy