When Will Jade & Tanner Get Married? A 'Bachelor In Paradise' Wedding Could Bring A Return To Mexico

Well, it's been a heck of a ride for Tanner and Jade on Bachelor in Paradise this season, I kind of cannot believe it's almost done. These two had heart eyes for one another from the very beginning, using all of their roses to spend more time together. Of course, in the beginning, the men were lining up to date Jade, but once she gave her date card to Tanner even that faded away. They were surprisingly drama-free, no one came onto the show intent on breaking them up, no one had any meltdowns until the very end. So, if they're the mystery couple to get engaged on the finale, when will Jade and Tanner get married? [UPDATE: On After Paradise, Jade revealed they don't want a long engagement, so they'll likely walk down the aisle soon!]

Although there are four couples still in the running for the ring, it really wouldn't come as a shock that these two would be the couple that "won" the show. They're pretty evenly matched, and (heaven help me) I'm rooting these two to go the distance and actually get and stay married. But, as far as a date for their maybe nuptials, let's look at the options.

The could always throw caution to the wind and get married on Monday's talk show After Paradise — I'm guessing Chris Harrison would be more than happy to officiate. But, my guess is they will wait a little longer then that, while still wrapping Chris into the picture. I think they'll pull a Marcus and Lacy and will get married during the Season 3 premiere of Bachelor in Paradise, which will air Summer 2017 if it follows the show's first two seasons. It will be like a little good luck show for all the other contestants, and will give us a chance to check back in, win-win!

Much like Marcus and Lacy likely did (because the BiP wedding wasn't official, guys), I think Jade and Tanner will probably have their own ceremony/reception after the one on the show. They will likely have a giant blowout with friends and family to celebrate their marriage. Unfortunately for us, not everything can be on reality TV, so we might not get to see that part.

However, there is always social media, and seeing as how Tanner and Jade now have three different Bachelor-seasons between the two of them, that wedding will likely be a hot spot for different members of Bachelor Nation to mingle, snap photos, ...and maybe start a new romance? Bring it on, wedding season.

Images: Rick Rowell/ABC (2)