Will Jade & Tanner Move In Together After 'Bachelor In Paradise'? They Should Make Their New Home In Nashville

It's official, we are down to the final rose ceremony on Bachelor in Paradise and it’s time for the remaining couples to decide whether or not to continue a relationship outside of Mexico. I think the question on everyone’s mind right now, maybe not everyone’s, but definitely mine is: Will Jade and Tanner continue their relationship? If they do decide to keep their relationship going, it's going to be tricky if they don't live closer. So, will Jade and Tanner move in together after Bachelor in Paradise ?

I firmly believe that Tanner should move out of Kansas City, where he currently resides, and head to Nashville, Jade’s new home. Trust me, I have a list of pretty solid reasons why he should go there instead of having Jade re-pack all her stuff and head to Kansas, considering she just moved to Nashville from Los Angeles not long ago. That's enough moving for one year. But, before I go into that, let’s talk about our favorite couple in Paradise and their chances of lasting.

We see Jade crying a lot in the previews heading into the Bachelor in Paradise finale, but as most of us have learned over the years, the previews really don’t mean to much. If anything Bachelor producers love to throw us off and think something huge is going down, when it’s really the opposite. Ha! You can’t fool me Elan Gale. I am fairly confident that Tanner and Jade will probably be engaged by Monday night, so Janner fans can stop worrying.

Now, back to why Tanner should head out to Nashville.

1. There Is Definitely A Honda Dealership In Nashville

In case you didn’t know, Tanner works at Honda. I promise there is a Honda place in the Nashville vicinity he could transfer to. Work would not be an issue here.

2. A Lot Of His Bachelor Family Is There

I don’t recall any former Bachelor people hanging out in Kansas, but in Nashville there is a pretty large number of former contestants including Jade’s bestie Carly, and Tanner's buddies Shawn Booth and Cupcake Chris. If Jade moved out of Nashville, she would have no one but Tanner. At least if he moved, they would have a solid group of friends.

3. Nashville Rules Over Kansas City

Kansas City fanatics, I’m sorry, but I’ve been to both places and I have to say that Nashville wins out over Kansas City as a place to live. It’s just better and that doesn't mean KC isn’t lovely, but it’s not as lovely as Nashville.

4. Because He Can’t Break Up Jade And Carly

Tanner and Jade are adorable, but whatever BFF situation is happening with Carly and Jade right now needs to be taken into consideration by Tanner. Don’t make them give each other up. We will all be mad at you.

5. The Nashville Music Scene Is Epic

I don’t know whether Tanner likes music or not, but the music scene in Nashville is unmatched and pretty much a reason in and of itself to move to Nashville. But, like, Jade's a pretty good reason, too.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell (3)