Amy Schumer Hits A Huge Milestone

by Alice Walker

Well, it's time to add yet another item to the long list of reasons Amy Schumer is my feminist hero. As if anyone would ever doubt that this comedian is having a banner year, she's gone and made history (again). After exploding onto the pop culture scene this year, almost every headline has her shattering another record, number or barrier. I would say it's getting old, except it is really, really not. When she isn't working hard on her sketch comedy show, or rocking a red carpet, she has taken to opening for musicians. Well, one musician at least. She is currently the opening act for Madonna on her Rebel Heart tour, and Schumer will headline Madison Square Garden in 2016 — making her the first female comedian to do so.

Schumer is doing her stand up as an opening act before Madonna comes out for three show only, and it was on the very first night of their team up that she announced this incredible news to her adoring crowd at Madison Square Garden. As if headlining a show there wasn't already an impressive feat to announce, it was made that much more awesome when she tweeted out this fun fact (along with a darling throwback picture):

In case you needed further proof, here seven reasons why Amy Schumer is taking over the world, and, at this point, no one should really be surprised anymore.

1. Through The Roof Ratings

One of the few female-led shows on Comedy Central, Inside Amy Schumer has been on fire this seasons. With the ratings and YouTube views climbing, Season 3 premiered to 1.006 million viewers. After her much-deserved Emmy nomination, I think those ratings will only increase in Season 4.

2. Bonafide Cover girl

From Entertainment Weekly, to Glamour, to GQ, Schumer was all over the magazine racks, talking about everything and anything. Not to mention getting into a little bit of trouble with C3PO.

3. Wrote A Movie

On her first attempt at writing a movie, she penned Trainwreck, one of the rare romcoms that actually reflects modern dating and relationships. Equal parts poignant and hilarious, this was all Schumer.

4. Starred In That Same Blockbuster

Because just writing a hit movie wasn't enough, she took the lead in Trainwreck, and captured all of our hearts as the hilariously damaged Amy. The movie took her career to the next level, racking up 30.2 million in its opening weekend. Who says woman can't launch successful movies?

5. Putting Her Fame To Good Use

After a tragic shooting in a theater that was playing Trainwreck, Amy and Sen. Chuck Schumer (her second cousin) launched a gun control initiative.

6. Living Out Our BFF Dream

First, she actually becomes friends with America's dream BFF Jennifer Lawrence; now she has added Madonna to her girl gang. Her #SquadGoals are on fleek, and this posse is beginning to rival that of Taylor Swift.

7. Major Stand Up Special

She's currently headlining the Oddball Comedy festival, and is working on another stand up special Amy Schumer Live at the Apollo. This was directed by Chris Rock (who knows a little something about amazing stand up), was already filmed back in May, and is coming to HBO Saturday, Oct. 17.

So, you see? Being the first female comic to headline Madison Square Garden is a huge deal, but it's just one of the many amazing things that Schumer has done this year. As her career continues to get better and better, and she continues to use her fame as a platform for important issues, my love for her only goes. And that's something that should really apply to everyone.