Guess Who's Not Welcome In Taylor Swift's Squad?

At this rate, it seems like every other day Taylor Swift invites a new celebrity to join her ever-growing squad. Seriously, everyone — ranging from Mariska Hargitay to Serena Williams to Ellen DeGeneres — has been inducted into the group. Essentially, there's no one who T. Swift hasn't tried to befriend... At least not until now! It turns out that there's an exception to Tay's "friends with everybody" rule: No pups allowed. In a recent video she shared on Twitter and Instagram, Taylor Swift gave us definitive proof that she is not a dog person. Cats are more her style.

During the 15-second clip, Swift is wearing sunglasses and clearly trying to enjoy the sun. Too bad a few dogs won't let her do that. Climbing on top of the "Wildest Dreams" singer, the pups lick her face as she scolds them about "spacial awareness" and getting too close. It's hard not to LOL when she says, "This dog's too big, Mom."

Guess Taylor can't hang with the canine crowd, huh? It's a bit surprising, considering she seems like a real-life Snow White. With the way she treats everyone with such kindness, I'd imagine birds fly in through the window to do her hair and adorable puppies aid in her morning routine. Way to shatter that illusion, Tay.

All joking aside, the video is a must-watch! The dogs are super cute and Swift's sass is hilarious. The good news here? Her beloved cats, Meredith and Olivia, don't have to worry about any dogs stealing their spotlight anytime soon.