Vanessa Might Spend Her 'BB17' Prize Money On This

Out of all the remaining houseguests, it's safe to say that Vanessa doesn't really need the Big Brother 17 prize money. In addition to Vanessa's net worth estimated at over $4 million, her successful poker career and endorsement deals make it easy for her to keep earning money long after she the final BB17 eviction. Although she kept her thriving bank account a secret for a while, Vanessa eventually switched tactics and started using her financial security as a BB strategy to get ahead in the game.

After insisting that she didn't need the money, Vanessa started offering financial incentives to the other houseguests for keeping her in the game, taking her to the Final 2, and remaining loyal to her. This is, of course, against the rules, and production warned Vanessa to stop doing this. We already know that Vanessa's post-BB17 plans have more to do with prestige and a longer-term career move as she sets her sights on writing about winning strategy (also known as "strategy analysis blogs") after leaving the Big Brother house. So, what will Vanessa do with her prize money if she wins this season of Big Brother ? She has more than a few options to consider, and some are more likely than others.

1. Gifts For Her Girlfriend

Think what you will about Vanessa lying her way through this game, her love for her girlfriend Melissa, aka Mel, seems 100 percent real. After being apart for over three months, a little bit of bling is probably the tip of the iceberg in terms of gifts for her lady love.

2. Investing In Passion Projects

Vanessa definitely seems like the type of person who gets bursts of inspiration and tries out different ideas to see what could potentially be successful. Out of all the ideas she's cooked up while in the BB house, there are probably a couple she could implement. She'd probably look for other investors as well, but maybe she'd throw in some of her own money.

3. Gifts For The Other Houseguests

Even though Vanessa stopped talking about the gambling money and gifts she'd get her fellow houseguests, it's totally possible that she'll still give them a little something special. I doubt she'd go so far as to honor her promises about cars and other lavish gifts, but a few tokens of appreciation are probably not out of the question.

4. More Treats For Herself

Vanessa does not skimp out on treating herself. She loves her car, her custom pool table, her travel experiences, etc. Why change that now?

Of course, Vanessa will need to at least make the final two to win any prize money. There's a lot at stake for the part three of the final HoH competition!

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Image: CBS