12 Sex Toys With Truly Creative Premises

by Rachel Krantz

When LELO sent me their new vibrator, the LILY 2, to review last week, I was skeptical. The small, innovative clitoral vibrator comes in three scents — Lavender and Manuka Honey, Rose and Wisteria, and Bordeaux and Chocolat. (Yes, that's "Chocolat" not chocolate, because luxury sex toys are classy like that.) This very special vibrator is designed to emit fragrance in order to help get you in the mood and experience sex with all your senses.

The scent of the lavender toy they sent me — which smells kind of like a tasteful Glade plug-in — is only detectable if you give the toy a really close whiff. I was worried that the scent might somehow interact with a woman's natural pH or that the toy was designed to mask a woman's natural scent, but I should have known LELO would know better.

"The LILY 2 is not designed to alter the taste or smell of a woman, but rather offer a new and exciting way to tailor your own form of pleasure, " LELO's marketing director said in a press release. "The manufacturing process of LILY 2 ensures the fragrance does not come in contact with the body. Instead, it's sealed within the product itself, bonded at the very start of the process."

The company claims that the scent of lavender is proven to "increase blood flow to the penis and the clitoris by 11%, increasing arousal," and that scent in general amplifies desire. (And here I thought lavender was supposed to put you to sleep.)

As the sex toy industry continues to innovate and expand, more and more companies like LELO are flexing their creative muscles and are coming up with some truly, shall we say, unique premises to set their toys apart. I get quite a few press releases about all the latest inventions, so I thought I'd share 12 of the more creative sex toys I've seen here with you.

1. LELO Lily 2, $139

While I agree that a scent can get me in the mood, it's usually my partner's armpit or cooking that does it for me — not anything synthetic. I do also worry that while LELO isn't marketing the toy as something meant to mask a woman's smell, it might still indirectly play into the insecurities many women feel regarding their scent — that it alone is not arousing enough, or should somehow be enhanced.

That said, I've been trying out the LELO Lily 2 for the last week, and it's officially one of my new favorites for couple's play. It's like my old go-to, the We-Vibe Touch, in that it's small, quiet, and easy to hold for clitoral stimulation during penetrative sex — only it's even smaller and quieter. The LELO 2 is a great, well-made toy; small but powerful. As for the scent? Never noticed it, and could do without the concept, personally.

2. Oral Enhancing Labia Spreader, $24.95

Now this, I gotta say, is kind of genius. I haven't tried it yet, but once it's not backordered on Adam & Eve, I fully intend to give this a try. I know that for me, oral sex feels most amazing when my labia is pulled apart so that my clitoris is more exposed. It's a hard move to pull off while multitasking, though, especially since things can get mighty slippery. I assume that is where the labia spreader comes in — it helps keep your ladyflower pried wide-open. I'd imagine this is an especially great invention for women with more hooded clitorises, and at just $24.95, it certainly seems worth a shot.

3. The Accommodator, $27.95

I have not tried The Accommodator, but, just, wow. In case you thought it was simply decorative, the idea is that your partner will be able to go down on you while easily inserting a dildo, handsfree. "Just use your fingers!" Bustle's own Gabrielle Moss said when I showed her the picture. "Wouldn't it slip off the person's chin when they move?"

All valid points, Gabrielle. I smell an experiment...

4. KGoal, $149

The kGoal — or as Bustle's Lucia Peters called it, the "FitBit for your vagina" — is nothing if not an interesting premise. The toy is a smart Kegel trainer that encourages you to do your sets by vibrating when you squeeze it. It also links to an app on your smartphone, so you can track your pelvic floor progress.

The kGoal is also one size fits all, which I really appreciate from an innovative standpoint. The balloon portion of the toy, which is meant to be inserted, is filled with air and can be fitted to your vag by pressing the inflate button (think: AirJordans). As someone with too small of a vag for most couple's toys like the WeVibe 4, I think this air-filled adjustable model could be a great way to try to make a single toy model fit more bodies.

I tried the kGoal, and did not find myself any more motivated to practice my Kegels just because it occasionally vibrated. If anything, it was honestly a little bit like frustrating foreplay. That said, I do look at it guiltily from time to time (kind of like the gym that is located literally downstairs from our office that I never visit). So, should I try giving my Kegel routine another go, I certainly think this is worth more experimentation.

5. The Womanizer, $189

I have not tried this one — yet — but when Babeland's cofounder Claire Cavanah endorsed it on our podcast I Want It That Way (episode forthcoming) as her new favorite toy, I was definitely intrigued.

The unfortunately-named sex toy is meant to simulate the sensations of oral sex by suctioning the clit with focused, delicious air. Having put my finger in its hole, let's just say I'm very intrigued. According to the company's tests, more than half of women orgasmed in just two to three minutes using this toy, which sounds like the stuff of Magic Wand fairytales, if you ask me.

That said, our writer Amanda Chatel tested it — and came in four minutes flat. This appears to be a true game-changer.

6. Clone-A-Willy, $44.95

Personally, I just think this one is silly unless you're either really into science experiments involving dicks (because, hey, who isn't?) or are in a long distance relationship. This product — pictured here in the glow in the dark version, no less — allows you to cast your lover's shaft in liquid rubber and make an exact replica dildo of their magic stick.

Making dildos — it's just like cooking meth, only with hot liquid rubber!

7. I Rub My Duckie, $34.95

I actually remember considering this one in high school, back when I took a lot of long "baths." As I recall, it is actually pretty strong, and also kind of creepy — two things I always look for in a sex toy.

8. LELO Siri 2, $129

LELO is really at the forefront of luxury innovation. The Ora 2, a truly unique oral stimulator, is another great example — but I had to highlight the Siri 2 here. The vibrator, which is designed to vibrate in time to whatever music and sound is around you, is pretty damn creative.

Gabrielle Moss tested it out in the streets of NYC, and had this, among many other things, to say:

The second I set foot into Forever 21 and was hit with whatever bass-heavy pop hit was playing, the vibrator suddenly made much more sense. It throbbed in a very pleasant manner in time with the music...I still couldn't imagine feeling significantly turned on from this thing — I would compare my level of arousal to that I feel when I look at that GIF of Jared Leto's penis flopping around in his jorts — but it felt kind of nice to just walk around, doing my thing, feeling lightly sexually stimulated, but not in an invasive way. I wondered if this was what having a penis was like.

If that doesn't intrigue you, then, well, I don't know what will.

9. Wall Bangers, $29.95

Ever thought, I just wish I could f*ck my shower wall? Well, now you can!

Actually, this is kind of genius: not only would this be fun for shower solo or partner play, but you could also hang your loofah on it and have an amazing conversation piece when guests come to visit.

10. Indian Jade by Chakrub, $114

Yes, that's "Chakrub," as in "chakra". These crystal dildos are carved out of real healing crystals, for those among us who are hippy-dippy with lots of disposable income. The jade model (pictured above) is supposed to calm nervousness, anger, and irritation, while rose models promise to raise self-esteem and improve relationships.

I'm skeptical, but then again, my boyfriend's mom gave him a healing crystal candle holder that is supposed to cultivate happiness, and we have indeed had some very happy times where we keep it — by the bed. So ... you never know.

11. Fantasy Door Swing, $49.95

I want to just laugh at this porny promo pic, but I have to admit, this is a cool idea. I know I love that position, but it's a lot to ask of someone to keep you in it while thrusting for very long. This swing allows you to help hold yourself up, and also doubles as something of a workout for your triceps, I'd imagine. Unlike most props, I think you could also easily leave this up inside your closet door and guests would be none the wiser.

12. Fetish Fantasy Cordless Vibrating Nipple Suckers, $29.95

Yet another toy I'm adding to my to-try list, these nipple suckers are actually probably a lot of fun. While they look a lot like bicycle bells, the idea behind them is exactly what the name suggests: they simulate nipple sucking, plus vibration. As someone who loves both of those sensations, I can't imagine these are anything but a honking good time, if you can keep a straight face while wearing them, that is.

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