How To Be Kylie Jenner's Instagram For Halloween 2015 — PHOTOS

Kylie Jenner is the undisputed queen of Instagram. (Or king, according to her bio, which refers to her as "King Kylie.") Taylor Swift and sister Kim Kardashian may have more followers, but Kylie's got an army of fans who are literally obsessed with everything she does. Gain your own adoring crowd of followers this year by dressing as Kylie Jenner's Instagram for Halloween.

You might be wondering why you shouldn't just wear a regular Kylie Jenner Halloween costume. Yes, you could do that (and look totally cute), but Kylie's obsessive about her Instagram persona, and it's a fun way to step outside the box. Plus, people will totally recognize you. The first thing you need is an Instagram frame, which is surprisingly easy to make. Plus, you can add Kylie's Instagram handle to the board and everyone will be able to tell who you are without asking (as if it's not obvious already).

To complete the rest of your Kylie Jenner look, you'll need some major extensions, super pouty lips and a perfectly contoured face. Throw on a bodycon outfit that shows off your curves in a major way, and you'll be on your way in no time.

Here's the essentials you need to be Kylie's Instagram this Halloween.

An Instagram Frame

Brooke Olivia on YouTube

I mean, duh. The costume kind of doesn't make sense without one. Follow this super easy tutorial to make every moment Instagram-worthy.

A Kylie-Worthy Outfit

Kylie's known for her daring style, which is a little younger and more hip than her other sisters. To channel her, stick to something body conscious in a neutral color. Kylie loves her clothes black, white, tan and beige.

You could totally re-wear this bodycon jersey dress from H&M...(Jersey Dress, $19.99,

Or this white mesh cutout dress from Tobi. (Go Easy On Me Bodycon Dress, $25,

Pair either with some statement-making stilettos.

Some Colorful Extensions

Kylie Jenner and extensions go together like peanut butter and jelly. Luckily, she changes her hair color enough that you could literally have any color hair and still make it work. For a classic Kylie look, get a long, dark wig or add extensions to your hair.

(OneDor Teal Dip Dye Ponytail, $9.99,

Want to go a little more wild? Pick her current blonde shade or something green or blue.

Perfectly Pouty Lips

Kylie Jenner's lips could be a costume of their own, so they're a must-have for your perfect Instagram costume. Follow this tutorial to figure out how to emulate her lips at home. But please, whatever you do, do not attempt the Kylie Jenner lip challenge. There's safer ways to get fuller lips.

Wear Flawless Makeup

Kylie's makeup is basically a work of art. From her seemingly pore-less skin to her perfect brows, she clearly knows what she's doing (or has a great makeup artist). This tutorial will teach you how to emulate her perfect makeup look.

Kaushal Beauty on YouTube

If you're too impatient to watch, I think the pouty lips and major false eyelashes are the two most important aspects of Kylie's usual makeup.

There you have it! You'll be looking like Kylie (and racking up major Instagram likes) in no time.

Images: H&M; Tobi; Amazon