Professionals React To Sexy Halloween Costumes

If we learned anything from the Sexy Pizza Rat Halloween costume that went viral earlier this year, it's that if something can be made into a sexy Halloween costume, it will be made into a sexy Halloween costume (see also: sexy Donald Trump). Sexy kitten, sexy lobster, sexy blue crayon, sexy corn on the cob — the longer the list of sexy Halloween costumes goes on, the more ridiculous it becomes. And then, of course, we have the classics — scantily clad police officers with badges that read "Anita Bribe," candy striper nurses waiting to hand out fake shots, and the ever popular sexy school teacher costume, complete with a skin-tight pencil skirt and ripe, red apple. But, uh, how accurate are these outfits, exactly? We had professionals react to sexy Halloween costumes designed to represent them, and the consensus was pretty clear — they're just as ridiculous as any sexy hamburger you might see walking down the street.

While we weren't able to get Pizza Rat into our studio to comment on his sexy costume counterpart, other people had plenty to say about the outrageous ensembles that, in some cases, could double as lingerie. Most took issue with how impractical these costumes would be when it comes to, you know, actually getting stuff done while on the job. After all, a cop running around in six-inch heels probably isn't going to get very far. Others were more dismayed by the sexism these types of costumes imply. Why aren't there any sexy Ph.D student costumes targeted specifically at men? Why does a female nurse outfit consist of a single scrap of fabric, while a male costume equivalent comes with a full set of scrubs?

Of course, there is absolutely nothing wrong with wearing a sexy, revealing outfit on Halloween, or any time of year for that matter, if you want to, as long as you feel confident and comfortable rocking it. But as one nurse explains, don't expect her to ever trade in her scrubs when she has work to do. "If it's just for fun, it's fine, but it is a little demeaning."

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