Is Kylie Jenner's New Tattoo Real?

Her look is always changing, so it's hard to believe that this style chameleon would go for something as permanent as a tattoo. Which brings me to ask: is Kylie Jenner's new tattoo real? Would the trend queen really opt for something irreversible as part of her look? Based on Jenner's Snapchat posts from Monday night, it's looking like the answer is yes!

In the video, Jenner is shown getting inked by celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang, who confirmed in an email to Bustle that he did, in fact, give her a tattoo on her hip. Bang Bang tells me that Jenner's new tattoo is "definitely" meaningful, although he wasn't able to reveal what it says. Jenner reached out to Bang Bang after she saw the script tattoo he did for Selena Gomez, which she loved because of how "delicate and thin" the font was.

"A common theme with women is that they want something that decorates them," Bang Bang tells me via email. "When we talked about it, that’s what she said she wanted. Did with thinnest needles and fine touch and she loved it."

Nevertheless, the tattoo on her left hip seems to be the real deal. While it's a short clip, it's pretty clear from her Snapchats that the style chameleon went for the plunge with a permanent tattoo. After all, you're not just laying on a flat cushion in a tattoo studio for fun! While it's certainly not a huge tattoo, it's cute and pretty.

Let's check out the video, shall we?

Accodring to US Weekly, Jenner traded places with Bang Bang and gave him a small tattoo near his ankle — a crown and the initial K underneath in red ink. Perhaps it stands for "King Kylie?"

With all that said, the news of this tattoo for Jenner is certainly a little surprising. It's been well-established that Jenner changes her look often, whether it's with her trendy style, her ever-changing hair color, or even her alternating eye colors. She's a style chameleon, and that's one of the reasons why I personally love keeping up with her look: because you'll never know what she'll do next.

Could the permanence of a tattoo (possibly her second, since she allegedly got a red heart tattooed on her upper arm this summer) be a new page turned for Jenner? Will we be seeing her in a style uniform from here on out instead of super trendy ensembles and statement pieces? Maybe she'll even keep her hair the same color for more than one week!

Well, I certainly hope not. Because, while her tattoo may be permanent, her ever-changing style and personality is what makes her memorable. Since Jenner is in the prime of her It-girl status, I imagine there are still a lot of looks for her to try out before she settles on just one.

Tattoo or not, I don't think Jenner's cool girl style is going anywhere!

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