Show Your Support For Paris With These Items

by Rosie W.

After Friday night's terrorist attacks in Paris claimed the lives of over 120 people, the global community has gathered on social media in an overwhelming display of support for Parisians. The hashtag #prayforparis (retweeted over 70,000 times in the last 24 hours alone) began trending on Twitter, and the artwork "Peace For Paris" created by French artist and graphic designer Jean Julien has been retweeted over 43,000 times, with countless shares across other social media platforms. While some have taken the opportunity to espouse Islamophobic sentiments or argue the case for gun ownership (in a city with strict gun control laws, the gunmen most likely attained their rifles illegally on the black market), most responses have been positive.

After the Charlie Hebdo attack earlier this year, many celebrities such as Amal and George Clooney took to showing their support by wearing "Je Suis Charlie" (translated: I Am Charlie) buttons on the red carpet. Like #prayforparis, "Je Suis Charlie" came to represent solidarity with the victims of the attack and the French people. Now #prayforparis is following in the footsteps of "Je Suis Charlie," quickly coming to embody the same sentiment of support. Although retailers faced criticism of seeking to profit off tragedy in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo attacks by offering T-shirts, buttons, and bracelets boasting the phrase, many websites are now offering clothing and accessories emblazoned with "Pray for Paris" or Julien's artwork.

While charities are accepting donations for those affected by the attacks, if you're looking for a way to display your support of the victims, online retailers have several options to choose from.

1. Peace For Paris T-Shirt

Peace For Paris Shirt, $19.99,

Show your support with this basic white tee.

2. Peace For Paris Phone Case

Peace Paris iPhone Case, $25.41,

Keep the message near you with this phone case.

3. Pray For Paris Earrings

Pray For Paris Antique Glass Bronze Stud Earrings, $9.90, etsy,com

A subtle way to show your support.

Images: Courtesy Brands