13 Starbucks Gifts For Coffee Lovers That Espresso How Much You Adore Them

Now that the holiday season is in full force, it's time to start thinking about gift shopping. Luckily, finding Starbucks holiday gift ideas for coffee lovers might be the easiest thing you'll do all year. Don’t believe me? Trust me on this one.

Aside from getting all hyped up on caffeine, there's a good chance the hobbies of a Starbucks lover includes staring at cute mugs and sniffing coffee beans (or is that just me?). With the right mindset, you’ll find that they’re really easy to please.

Don’t forget to check if they actually belong on your long list of Starbucks lovers. Not sure if the love is real? If they're practically Godzilla before they hit up the nearest location, they mean it. If the baristas know their name and order, they mean it. If they're first in line when a new holiday latte launches... they totally mean it. And if they dressed up in a Starbucks frappe costume for Halloween, they 100 percent absolutely mean it. You get the picture.

And since we can't exactly rent out a 10-day stay at Starbucks, everything and anything inspired by the brand will hit home. Remember, a Starbucks fan's idea of a good time involves sipping coffee like it’s their job. Help them do that job well with these 13 gifts for Starbucks lovers.

1. Starbucks Holiday Blends

What's a better gift for a Starbucks fan other than actual Starbucks coffee? That's right... nothing. In the interest of getting in the holiday spirit, your best bet is to turn to Starbucks' limited edition holiday blends. It doesn't get any more festive than this.

Available in four varieties, these coffees feature the perfect mixture of cozy spices and smooth textures. And can we just talk about the jewel-toned holiday packaging? So much yes.

Where to Buy: Starbucks locations, and Starbucks' online store ($14.95).

2. Snowman Mug and Spoon

For the friend or family member who loses it over adorable things, gift this charming snowman mug and spoon set. This exclusive little guy comes with a dashing felt sweater, complete with buttons. He's even got a spoon ready for your cream and sugar. What a pal.

Where to Buy: Only at the Starbucks online store ($13.95).

3. Gift Card

Aside from coffee, you can't go wrong with a gift card. How else will your favorite Starbucks lovers get their fix?

Thankfully, giving a gift card doesn't have to be boring. The crew at Starbucks knows what's up when it comes to cute artwork. From kittens and narwhals to Frappuccinos and wreaths, you can find a gift card for every kind of person out there. The best part is that you can set the gift card to an amount that fits your budget.

Where to Buy: Starbucks locations, and the Starbucks online store.

4. Coffee Sleeve

When you're a die-hard coffee drinker, nothing is more important than protecting your digits from hot, delicious liquid. And while Starbucks always has cardboard coffee sleeves on hand, this knitted koozie is super cute. I'm getting all the winter feels just looking at it.

Basically, it's like a sweater for your cup of joe. Pair this baby with a gift card, and your Starbucks fan will be in heaven.

Where to Buy: Ryces Pieces Knits on Etsy ($9.00)

5. Latte Earrings

For the Starbucks drinker who prefers simpler styles, opt for those adorable mini latte earrings. Made with hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel earring backs, this present is totally buzz-worthy. Buy a couple pairs, and give them to your entire girl gang for a new spin on BFF jewelry.

Where to Buy: Hello Blue Babe on Etsy ($12.00).

6. Swarovski Tumbler

We all know that one person who loves everything glittery, glitzy, and glamorous. And since we can't exactly mix sparkles into our coffee, here's the next best thing: a tumbler embedded with Swarovski crystals. That matte black stainless steel finish is so chic, it hurts.

Then again, everything in Starbucks' Brilliant Collection will make the sparkle-obsessed swoon. These items are ideal if you're looking to splurge on a special someone. We're talking about that life-long best friend, awesome parent, or beloved sibling. Whoever it is, they're gonna feel real lucky.

Where to Buy: Starbucks' online store ($124.95).

7. Vintage Tattoo Tumbler

Know someone who prefers new ink over crystals? Go for this rad nautical-themed tumbler inspired by vintage flash tattoos. Between the charming artwork and parchment-esque background, caffeinated tattoo lovers will appreciate this one.

Where to Buy: Select Starbucks locations and Starbucks online store ($19.95).

8. Hair Ties

Sometimes, life just gets in the way. And so does a head full of locks. Long-haired readers, I know you know what I mean.

In preparation for coffee consumption without any disturbances, gift a set of Starbucks-inspired hair ties. These babies will be a major upgrade from that black hair tie around the wrist, too.

Where to Buy: ForMyDaughter114 on Etsy ($5.00).

9. Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Every die-hard coffee drinker knows how important it is to stay hydrated while chugging that java. And if they don't? Well, now is a great time to enlighten them.

Because coffee is a diuretic, it's super important to drink enough water to keep yourself moving and grooving. Thanks to this posh stainless steel water bottle from S'well and Starbucks, your beloved caffeine-addict can do just that.

Where to Buy: Starbucks locations, and Starbucks online store ($49.95).

10. Embroidered Skull Siren Patch

Equal parts edgy and clever, this embroidered patch is perfect for someone who's anything but basic. Essentially, it's the epitome of creepy-cool. Denim jacket upgrade? Check.

Where to Buy: PsychoSwami on Etsy ($9.95).

11. Coffee Lip Balm

Moisturizing is key when it comes to the chilly winter months. That's where a trusty lip balm comes in. And while you can't go wrong with the traditional Chapstick, this coffee version is one worth gifting.

Infused with coffee arabica seed oil, this handmade lip balm will be a hit with your fave Starbucks fan. Gotta keep those lips primed for sipping coffee, after all.

Where to Buy: The Okie Soapy Soap Shop ($3.87).

12. Cup Ornament

Starbucks' cup ornaments are a must-have for any Starbucks lover. These cuties basically have their own fan club going on. This year's collection features everything from the iconic red cup to colorful artwork featuring major cities. This confetti version is especially cute; Martha Stewart wannabes and glitter fans will adore it.

Where to Buy: Select Starbucks locations ($6.95).

13. Mocha Candle

Oh yeah... you read that right. Aside from sipping on some delicious brew, your lucky Starbucks lover will be able to float about in coffee-scented aromas. If that doesn't sound like an excellent holiday morning, I don't know what does.

This soy candle is also set in a recycled Starbucks bottle. So good.

Where to Buy: Candles by OC on Etsy ($12.00).

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