The One Christmas Movie You Didn't Know Existed

As it's finally December, and the countdown to Christmas has officially begun, now is the time to seek out those all-important Christmas movies you have to see, like right now. Nothing gets me in the spirit of Christmas like hiding under my duvet while I stuff a chocolate Santa in my mouth and watch a film all about the holiday season. Lucky for everyone, I'm here to instruct you on where your festive viewing should start. So, the one Christmas movie you didn't know existed but need to watch immediately is ... Mrs. Miracle. No, no, wait, let me explain.

Mrs. Miracle, $7, Amazon

OK, don't be scared. I know it's a lot to take in: suddenly the season is upon us, and it's time to finish Christmas shopping and chug some more eggnog lattes. But, before any of that, you need to watch Mrs. Miracle, and here's why. Not only does it star hunk of a man James Van Der Beek — you heard right, Dawson is in this movie! — but it's a Hallmark Christmas TV movie based on the book series by Nora Roberts. I'll be honest, I had no idea about the books, and only watched this because of the Beek, but, boy, am I glad I did. If it's cheesy festive fun you're after, look no further.

1. James Van Der Beek Is In It

Did I mention that James Van Der Beek, a.k.a. Dawson Leery himself, is in Mrs. Miracle? I think I did, but here it is again in case you missed it: Dawson made a Christmas movie and it's giving me all the feels!

2. The Beek Gets Romantic

Not only is Mrs. Miracle a Christmas movie, but a love story. The Beek finally gets to show what he's capable of in the romance stakes. Him and his date drink wine in front of an open fire and kiss while painting giant gingerbread people. Who wouldn't want this life?

3. Mrs. Miracle Is An Amazing Human Being

Like Mary Poppins before her, Mrs. Miracle works a certain magic wherever she goes. Matchmaker extraordinaire, Mrs. Miracle can thaw even the most rock solid of hearts. She's conniving in the best way.

4. She's Got Skills

Razor sharp reflexes and an ability to perform almost any task that needs doing, Mrs. Miracle is the person you want to have around.

5. It's A Cheesy Family Holiday Movie

Not only is Mrs. Miracle a rom-com, it's also a family story. Single Dad Dawson is just trying to look after his twin sons following the death of his wife. All he needs is Mrs. Miracle to find him a new wife! OK, so, when I put it like that, it makes this movie sound like one huge cliche. Which maybe it is. But it's Christmas, yo! And Mrs. Miracle saves the day by being the first nanny who can actually take care of the boys, allowing their dad some much needed space to FIND LOVE.

6. There's A Sequel

Once you've witnessed the magic that is Mrs. Miracle, you're sure to want to watch the sequel, Call Me Mrs. Miracle (or Miracle in Manhattan as it's sometimes known). It's another cheese-fest for your viewing pleasure and stars Jewel Staite.

7. It'll Remind You That Christmas Magic Exists And IS REAL

Not only will Mrs. Miracle restore your faith in humanity, and reignite your Van Der Beek crush big time, but it'll also remind you that the holiday season can be a truly magical time. You might want to cry at the end, but it's a small price to pay for Christmas cheer this big. Why would you ever need another Christmas movie?

Images: Hallmark Channel/YouTube; MacomberVideos/YouTube; Hallmark Home Video.