Mama June & Sugar Bear Are On Another Reality Show

If your relationship is at the point where you and your partner are appearing on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars , then it's probably not in a great place, to say the least. Well, it's no secret that "Mama" June Shannon and Mike "Sugar Bear" Thompson have had a rough go of it over the past year. However, after appearing on Marriage Boot Camp, has the status of their relationship changed at all?

Well, let's start with where things stood between Mama June and Sugar Bear when they arrived at Marriage Boot Camp, shall we? Mama June and Sugar Bear called it quits in September 2014 when she accused him of cheating on her, allegations he initially denied, but then admitted to. "My biggest issues was my cheating," Thompson told toofab in November 2015. "I've done that and shouldn't have and I look back on it, I regret it."

Shortly after the couple called it quits, Mama June was allegedly dating to a convicted sex offender, although she denied the reports. "It isn't true i promise," the reality star said in a Facebook post in October 2014. "My kids r #1 priority over anything else and I would never put them in danger period over this or anything else they r my life this is my past I left him 10 yrs ago for it and I wouldn't go back." Despite her denial, TLC cancelled Here Comes Honey Boo Boo in October 2014.

After the tumultuous year, Sugar Bear told toofab he wanted to go on Marriage Bootcamp to "get the help that I need and try to work on the relationship with June and the three girls."

In that same interview, Mama June continued to say that she felt their time on Marriage Boot Camp helped her feel vindicated, but it didn't solve all of their problems. She also said that Marriage Boot Camp counselors Jim and Elizabeth Carroll recommended that Sugar Bear take sex addiction and anger management classes as well as get tested for STDs in order to improve his relationship with Mama June.

She and Sugar Bear also revealed the current status of their relationship during their interview with toofab. "We are still living separate. We see each other on the weekends," Mama June said. "There are some things he still needs a lot of work on. The trust is still not there 100 percent."

But even since their split, Mama June and Sugar Bear seem to have been on fairly cordial terms. Sugar Bear has also still been there for their daughter Alana "Honey Boo Boo" Thompson, and Mama June's other three daughters, Anna, Lauryn, and Jessica Shannon.

Mama June and Sugar Bear may not be romantically involved as of now, but at least it seems like they've been able to keep their family together.