Steal Carrie Underwood's "Heartbeat" Look With These Makeup Tutorials — VIDEOS

Is there anyone who epitomizes #lifegoals like Carrie Underwood? She's got an amazing voice, a killer body and an adorable family. Not to mention she's been slaying in the style department lately. Now, it's time to add another look to the collection of Underwood's outfits I'm dying to copy. Carrie Underwood released her "Heartbeat" music video today, and her outfit and makeup are amazing.

In October, the singer released "Heartbeat," her latest single from her new album, and it's sentimental and totally romantic. You can hardly blame her for the sentiment, because the singer is a new mom whose music is now inspired by her son, Isaiah, and growing family. Considering this album has powerful songs like "Smoke Break," on it, it's nice to see Underwood slow it down in her latest video.

Underwood recently posted a no-makeup selfie on Instagram, and considering the star is a workout junkie, her everyday look veers towards the casual side. However, she totally glammed it up in the "Heartbeat" video, and the results are amazing. From her voluminous beachy blonde waves to the absolutely gorgeous gold dress she's sporting, this video is all about the wow factor. I mean, look how amazing she looks.

Here's the video so you can get the full effect.

The video is dark and a little moody, so Underwood's hair makeup had to match the dramatic backdrop.

Check out how gorgeous her smoky, sparkly eyeshadow is.

My favorite part might be Underwood's dewy skin, which looks so luminous I couldn't believe it. How is she doing it?

Underwood is a tried-and-true country artist, so she's all about the big hair. I love how her hair has tons of volume but manages to be casual at the same time.

Considering how amazing she looks, I had to figure out a way to recreate her makeup. In my opinion, there's four distinct (but equally important) elements. Here they are:

1. Smoky gold eyes

Teni Panosian on YouTube

Yes, this look is dramatic. It's definitely not for every day, but on a special occasion, it's perfect.

2. Luminous skin

Katerina Williams on YouTube

Dewy skin is an absolute must for this look. I love how this one isn't too over-the-top — it manages to look natural. Plus, all the products in the tutorial are from drugstores. Perfect for people on a budget!

3. Perfect nude lips

Lisa Eldridge on YouTube

This tutorial will teach you how to find the perfect nude lipstick for your skin tone.

4. Big beachy waves

LustreLux on YouTube

Beachy waves typically look low maintenance, but you can tell Underwood's hair stylists did some major teasing to get that amazing volume. This tutorial is the best of both worlds.

Add a gold dress that makes you feel amazing, and you'll be channeling Underwood in no time.

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