How To Be The Best Gift Giver Ever

It's finally December, y'all, which means the holiday season is upon us. No matter what you celebrate, it's likely that around this time of year you're both giving and receiving gifts — which means that it's definitely important to know how to be the best gift-giver ever. Even the toughest people to shop for deserve a great present, so why not rise to the challenge?

In order to help us all harness out gift-giving super powers, comedian Mark Malkoff teamed up with PayPal to create a video featuring loads of tips for becoming a gift-giving hero. Ostensibly the tips are meant for all those people in your life that are either super picky or already seem to have everything; they can also all be applied to your regular holiday shopping as well, though — and yes, yes procrastinators, we have to begin soon. Time is of the essence!

In case you need present ideas in general for friends, family, or your secret Santa, you can pretty much never go wrong with alcohol gifts for your college friends, book gifts for the bookworms in your life, Starbucks gifts for your fellow coffee-addicts, and edible gifts for, well, everyone. If you're looking for something super quirky or customizable, try websites like Etsy, Cafe Press, Taart Work Pies, or The Great Lakes Goods.

So how do you become the best gift-giver ever? Follow these five tips for fool-proof holiday shopping, and you'll be well on your way. Scroll down to watch the full video for more!

1. Use Pinterest or Social Media For Hints

Usually, people's social media accounts can clue you in on what they may want for the holidays via some sort of wish list of post that says "BUY ME THIS FOR CHRISTMAS, ANYONE" (something I've certainly done!). Even if your friends' Pinterest, Tumblr, or other social media accounts don't explicitly state what they want, you can get an idea of what they might like or a present they may appreciate just from what they post or reblog.

2. Buy Experiences Instead of Objects

Has your mom mentioned she always wants to try skydiving? Has your significant other hinted that she might want to take circus classes? Does your brother want to become a better photographer? Instead of buying them objects that might reflect skydiving, circus, or photography, get your loved ones a class, a workshop, or tickets to a show. The memories will be well worth it.

3. Make the Present an Event

One way to make a present even more exciting is to personalize the hell out of it, making it an event in and of itself. Leave it in a secret place and make a treasure map or scavenger hunt to help the recipient find it. Wrap it in a super fancy way and cover the wrapping paper with photos and memories. Write an intimate card and incorporate drawings, photography, or stickers. The possibilities are endless.

4. Practical Presents are OK

If someone legitimately needs warm socks or kitchen supplies for the holidays, don't feel like you have to get something flashier. Sometimes, practical presents are the best thing you can do, especially for a college student who might actually value 10 rolls of quarters for laundry over a mustache mug.

5. Get a Gift For Their Home

Trying to find a gift for someone throwing a holiday party? Show up with a gift for their home or a present that might enhance the party like homemade cookies, a fancy bottle of wine (or something even harder), or a beautiful holiday bouquet. It's kind of like gifting the host and yourself!

Want more tips? Check out the full video below and get shopping!

Images: Pexels (2); markmalkoff/YouTube (3)