Target Australia Releases New Bikini Ad That Is All Kinds Of Body Positive — PHOTOS

Target has been killing it lately when it comes to body positivity, in everything from creating ultra chic plus size collections like Ava & Viv to introducing its first plus size male model. Perhaps inspired by how well its customers are responding to this inclusivity, Target Australia's new bikini ad has upped the ante and is keeping the momentum going this holiday season.

What's wonderful about this ad is that we are not only seeing women of different shapes and sizes, but also ages. Not only did Target feature a plus size model looking like a babe, but also a middle aged woman with natural gray hair flaunting her bikini body. According to Huffington Post, "The silver model, Mel Brady, is in her 50s, and has done a number of other shoots with Target, sharing more photos on her Instagram page."

Target captioned the ad photo on Facebook quite simply: "Yay for looking good and feeling great this summer!"

This ad is definitely in keeping with Target's efforts to showcase more diverse models in its campaigns. As Huffington Post pointed out, "The photo appears to have very little editing, with the women proudly flaunting their curves. Earlier this year, Target launched its Every Body campaign, promising to feature more realistic, diverse models."

While we've been seeing more and more plus size bodies represented in beautiful ways in fashion and beauty campaigns, it's not every day that you see a woman past her 30s in a bikini ad. Undoubtedly because of this, the new approach has garnered a lot of positive attention on Facebook. A few memorable comments from customers were:

And while most of the comments were celebrating curves and women of a certain age, Target still had the backs of straight size consumers when a commenter mentioned the "real women" trope:

Inclusive responses like these, and a commitment to hearing out its customers' suggestions and opinions, really prove that Target is taking a refreshing step forward towards representing all of the customers that shop there.

And Target isn't the only mega-chain that's been showcasing all types of women in its ad campaigns. Here are three other campaigns that have pushed the body positivity movement further this year.

1. LUSH Australia's "Go Naked" Campaign

LUSH ran an ad campaign this fall that was labeled as "pornographic" by Australia's Advertising Bureau because of the amount of nudity in the photos. But the brand still did a wonderful job showcasing different types of shapes and sizes of women. A LUSH representative told BuzzFeed News, "The image is completely untouched, as we feel that we should not be ashamed of our bodies in their natural state, and that every single one of us is beautiful in our diversity, regardless of color, shape, size, or life choices."

A major beauty company running untouched ads? Yes, please!

2. Dressmann's "Underwear For Perfect Men" Ads

In October 2015, menswear brand Dressmann released its "Underwear For Perfect Men" ads, bringing the body positivity fight to the male side. When we hear about embracing our bodies and not being shamed over our size, the messaging is often directed towards women. But this ad acknowledges that men struggle with body acceptance too.

Dressmann's ad celebrated all the different kinds of male bodies, with everyday dudes modeling its brief collection. From the plus size to the hairy, the old to the skinny, these guys prove that all bodies are perfect bodies.

3. ModCloth Employee Swimsuit Photo Shoots

ModCloth is passionate about body positivity, going as far as retiring its plus size section to help end the divide between straight and plus sizes. Not only does the brand hear its customers' opinions when it comes to what they want when they shop, but it also dedicates itself to representing all the different body types shoppers have. One such campaign was the employee swimsuit photo shoot, for which MC employees of all different sizes dressed up in adorable swimsuits and had a blast playing with floaties, whether they were XS or 4X.

With campaigns such as Target Australia's bikini ad and similar body pos efforts by mainstream retailers, it's looking like 2016 will see body positivity reach new heights.

Images: Courtesy Target (2); LUSH (1); Dressman (1); ModCloth (1)