‘The Good Wife’ Should Return With These Plots

While some people have to wait months before their shows start back up again, fans of The Good Wife need not fret. Alicia Florrick won't even make us wait for a full month before returning to our TV screens. After Sunday night's midseason finale, The Good Wife Season 7 will return on Jan. 10, as a CBS representative confirmed to Bustle. That Sunday can't come soon enough, because there are a lot of things we need to see in the second half of the season, especially since "KSR" is bound to end on a cliffhanger. With Alicia and Lucca finally getting their business off the ground, it seems like big things are coming, so January needs to hurry up and get here.

According to the description for the midseason finale, Alicia and Lucca will be representing a well-respected surgeon accused of plotting to commit a crime. It's a vague summary, but I'm hoping they'll come out victorious, since last week things didn't exactly go well against Cary and Diane. The description also says that Ruth is basically on a mission to get rid of Jason for good by convincing Courtney Paige to hire him for a project in another state. If Jason does leave, I hope he and Alicia at least get to hook up first. But that's just what we need from "KSR." Here's what The Good Wife should bring when it comes back on Jan. 10.

1. More Jason

When Jeffrey Dean Morgan was cast as Negan on The Walking Dead, a very important character in the comics the seri, I worried that Jason’s plotline might be wrapping up on The Good Wife. Can we get a legit love interest for Alicia in here? I’m sick of all these awesome guys up and leaving before any deep romance actually happens. Hopefully, she can find some lasting love in the second half of Season 7.

2. A Full-Fledged Florrick-Quinn Business

This season has been about Alicia and Lucca’s new firm and I’m ready to see them take off in the new year. It would be awesome for them to get out of Alicia’s apartment and into some real office space, and even add a few employees. Maybe Monica can come join them?

3. Peter’s Presidential Run

Yes, we saw a lot of Ruth and Eli’s battle, but Peter hasn’t really been a part of this season and I kind of miss him. Is he dating someone? What’s going on with him? The Good Wife owes us some answers.

4. A Zach Update

I get that Zach is away at college, but that doesn't mean he has to be out of the show. He must come home sometimes to see his family, and I'd like to get an update on him.

5. Jackie & Howard’s Wedding

This needs to happen as soon as The Good Wife returns. They are pretty much the best couple on the show and I can’t wait to see them tie the knot.

6. A Cary & Lucca Romance

I just want Cary to find love. Is that too much to ask? The last episode ended with Cary and Lucca at the club dancing and I don't know whether it was just a friendly thing or something more.

7. Familiar Faces

There are lots of people who we haven't seen in a while that Season 7 should bring back, like Colin Sweeney, Lemond Bishop, and anyone from the DA’s office.

8. Diane Doing What She Believes In

It's been hard to see Diane taking on cases that go completely against her morals. I want her to go back to being the hardcore democrat she is.

Luckily, we won't have to wait very long to see what the second half of The Good Wife does have in store, since it'll be back just a few weeks after "KSR" on Jan. 10.

Images: Paul Sarkis (2), Michael Parmelee (4), Thomas Concordia, David M. Russell, Craig Blankenhorn/CBS