24 Fitness Gifts For Exercise Lovers To Keep Them Motivated All Year

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I’ve been an athlete for most of my life, but I’ve never been one of those ultra sporty people who spends four hours in the gym every day, drinks kale smoothies, and owns 10 pairs of sneakers. But if you happen to know someone like that, these fitness gift ideas for exercise lovers are exactly what you need to keep them happy come Christmas morning.

Being sporty has always kind of been my thing. I was a multi-sport athlete growing up, and my job as a swim instructor helps keep me active, but I have never been one of those people who gets excited to spend hours in the gym. Over the last couple of years, though, that’s exactly the type of person my younger sister has become. I’m so proud of her for taking control of her health and fitness — she gets up at 5 a.m. some mornings so she can get a workout in before work, and spends most of Sunday planning her healthy meals for the week — even if I think the number of gym selfies she posts is a bit excessive.

Her newfound love of all things healthy has also made her super easy to buy for the last couple of holiday seasons. She is always happy to add things to her workout arsenal! Here are the perfect gifts for sports and fitness lovers in your life.

1. Manchester United Coasters

The beautiful game has a lot of beautiful plays, and these coasters feature some of the best from Manchester United. A must-have for any Man U fans who are also fans of not having water stains on their table tops.

2. Headphones

These headphones are perfect for running, hiking, weight lifting, biking — anything where you don't want to get tangled up in the cord. They operate on Bluetooth, so as long as your phone is near, you'll be good to go.

3. Fitbit Flex 2

The Fitbit has quickly become the go-to for fitness trackers. It not only tracks your steps and calories, but it also tracks your sleep patterns and how many stairs you climb — so you can definitely count skipping the elevator as a workout.

4. Power Foods

Staying healthy is one-part exercise, and one-part eating right. This cookbook is packed full of delicious recipes that are nutritious as well as filling.

5. Rugby Print

My mother's husband is from New Zealand, so I can tell you that this is a true declaration of love. Definitely helps sell the message if the recipient or the giver of this print actually enjoys rugby.

6. Blender

The Oster is a great personal blender, as it makes enough for a single bottle at a time. Plus, the blender tube is also a portable sports bottle that you can blend and then take with you.

7. Baseball Pillow

If you have a baseball loving friend, but aren't really sure what team they like — go with this neutral baseball throw pillow. They can still show off their diamond devotion without glaring at a rival team logo.

8. Rock Climbing Mug

Instead of handles, these mugs have rock climbing holds! That way your climbing pals can still work on their grip even over their morning cup of coffee.

9. Cute Workout Leggings

Who says you can't show off your sense of style while hitting the gym? These graffiti tights are so fun — which makes working out even more fun, too.

10. Green Blender Subscription

Make sure your fitness-loving pal always stays fueled. With a Green Blender subscription, they will receive five new recipes a week, along with a box full of all the ingredients they need to make 10 smoothies. It's pretty much the perfect gift.

11. Running Medal Holder

If you have a marathoner, mud runner, or other type of medal winner on your holiday list, they'd probably appreciate this nod to their hard work. Now they can display all those achievements — even if they're just participation medals.

12. Stash Bottle

Not a lot of room in your gym bag? Once this bottle is empty, it squishes down to a mere two inches tall!

13. Gym Bag

No matter what your workout game is — yoga, weight-lifting, running, spinning — this bag can fit it all. It's a great size to carry a mat, towel, extra clothes, and everything else you need to take to the gym with you. Plus, it has a designated compartment for shoes.

14. Garmin Vivofit 2

An alternative to the Fitbit, the Garmin Vivofit 2 tries to keep you as active as possible. In fact, if you stay sedentary for too long, it will alert you and you'll need to do a few minutes of activity in order to reset the meter. Great if you need a little extra motivation.

15. Fruit Infuser Bottle

Staying in shape means staying hydrated, but if you're not into just drinking water you'll want this infuser bottle. You can put strawberries or cucumbers or the other fruits and veggies of your choice to give your water a little boast.

16. Fitness Dice

Workouts can get a bit...boring after a while. This set of fitness dice will help keep things interesting, and push gym goers out of the routine every once in a while.

17. Vintage Swim Print

I'm a swimmer, so this vintage-inspired French swimming poster cracks me up. It won't help your friend's stroke technique, but it will help them smile after a long day at the pool.

18. Resistance Band Set

My mom is a physical therapist, and she swears by resistance bands, even for the most casual of exercisers. This set comes with a door anchor for easy use, as well.

19. Running Armband

I think we all know that the perfect playlist makes for a perfect workout. This band fits the iPhone 6, and has a small space for a key and some cash, too.

20. BlenderBottle

If your fitness obsessed friend makes a lot protein shakes or smoothies or even pancakes, this BlenderBottle is perfect. The blender ball inside insures that whatever they're making is mixed up just right.

21. Fitbook

You don't need a fitness tracker to keep track of your fitness as long as you have this handy, dandy Fitbook. The book includes a 12-week plan page, a nutrition diary, and even a sleeve to hold your gym card and more.

22. The Encyclopedia Of Healing Foods

Giving your body enough time to heal and recover is another important part of exercising. This book lists a bunch of natural food remedies for everything from the common cold to insomnia.

23. Metabolism Tea

I'm a tea drinker, and this metabolism-boosting brand is said to help pick you up and reduce stress. Good in both hot and cold forms!

24. Yoga Cookie Cutters

Add some "yummm" to your "ommmm" with these adorable yoga-inspired cookie cutters. This set includes five cutters each with a recognizable yoga pose like downward dog or warrior.

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