9 Last Minute Holiday Party Makeup Looks To Copy

If you're anything like me, you don't have a ton of extra cash around the holiday season. Between buying presents, booze, and traveling to see all your favorite people, there isn't a lot left over for shopping sprees at Sephora. So here are some last minute holiday party makeup looks you can whip up with products you already have.

Holiday parties are meant to be festive, so don't be afraid to amp up your everyday look with some sparkly shadow or a classic, cool-toned red lip. Luckily, you don't need to head to a high-end retailer to find the right products. The drugstore is getting increasingly more impressive, in my opinion: Color ranges are widening to include all types of skin tones and textures, formulations are just as good (if not better) than high-end counterparts, and you can find quality products at an affordable price. Most of my makeup collection is drugstore, with a few high-end "holy grail" items sprinkled in. I'm guessing yours is, too! That means a fun, merry holiday look is at your fingertips.

Below are some of my favorite holiday party makeup looks created using mostly, or all, drugstore products. Remember, it's just makeup (and affordable makeup at that) — if you mess up, wipe it off and give it another go!

1. Soft Smoky Eye Tutorial

This wearable smoky eye can work for the office holiday party, a family gathering or amped up for a night out. Grab a pair of falsies to crank it up a notch.

2. Red & Green Tutorial

Make your eyes look wider and more awake by dabbing a lighter green in the center of your lid, and darker, forest greens in the outer and inner corners. For a pop of color, blend a shimmering gold shadow in the middle of the lid. This trick works for lips, too!

3. Cranberry Lips Tutorial

I love this fresh-faced approach to holiday makeup. Just because it's a special occasion doesn't mean your makeup has to be heavy.

4. Golden Sparkle Tutorial

Gold and browns aren't just for the summer months. If you have a stash of golden, bronzy shadows and need to transition them for the holiday, this tutorial will help.

5. Classic Holiday Tutorial

When you watch those old, classic holiday movies, this is what all the leading ladies are rocking. A light, frosty eye with a bold, black liner is timeless.

6. Cool Eyes & Hot Lips Tutorial

Not the traditional kind? Yeah, me either. Mix it up by combining warm and tool tones for an unexpected, but totally festive, look.

7. Warm Reds Tutorial

This is an intensely bronzy look that is soft and warm. When you're trying to blend out a super soft eye, remember to use lots of colors layered and blended on top of one another. Really, the more the merrier when it comes to colors — the crease will be seamlessly blended!

8. Frosty Pink Tutorial

I love this frosty look that is super feminine, and you can play it up by applying cool toned pinks onto your outer crease and on your lips for a monochromatic look.

9. White & Red Tutorial

This is a bright, sparkly and glamorous look that can be achieved with whatever you have in your kit. It's that simple! You can swap a matte lip for a glossy one for even more shine.

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Image: LonyaMaiden/YouTube