All Of Justin Bieber's Hairstyles In 2015 Will Make You Belieb In The Transformative Power Of Bleach — PHOTOS

I am a belieber. And if there's one thing that I beliebe in, it's Justin Bieber's impeccable mane. Considering Justin Bieber's hair underwent more than one hair transformation throughout 2015, I'm sure he's aware of the fascination the public (and devotees like myself) has for those locks. Not that I'm complaining, of course. If anything, the 21-year-old's popular strands totally deserve a year-end rundown because, really, there's no doubt his head will continue to enter our media streams come the new year.

Bieber is undoubtedly a talented artist (his latest album Purpose topped the Billboard charts) and a dashingly handsome young man (just check out that smolder). But within the past year, his ever-changing, dramatic hairstyles have stolen the show and generated newfound interest since the good old bowl cut days. Essentially becoming the male version of Kylie Jenner, Bieber's hair is constantly changing colors, textures, and cut, only leaving fans on the edge of their seats wondering what he will do next.

So, naturally, it's time to take even more notice. When you're changing your hair that often, you're bound to expect some talk (am I right, Kylie?). Yep: Bieber has pulled off some major looks in 2015, and they're worth revisiting before a whole new year of mane possibilities.

Here are 15 times Justin Bieber's hair evolved throughout the year. If you didn't already, now is the time to beliebe.

1. When He Was The Face Of Calvin Klein Underwear

There are a lot of reasons why this photo leaves me speechless. But his hair is definitely the one that tops the list. While the ad got lots of attention for being Photoshopped, his locks looked too good to ignore.

2. When He Attended New York Fashion Week In February

Theo Wargo/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In Feb. 2015, Bieber attended New York Fashion Week with a disheveled I-haven't-washed-my-hair-in-a-week look. It seems he was in the process of growing it out, but it also suspiciously got lighter in color. As you'll soon see, this was the beginning of Bieber's mega blonde phase.

3. When He Tried Out His OG Hair

As his locks grew, it was only fitting that The Biebs revert back to his original hairstyle for a throwback to the start of his career. Remember baby Bieber when he was rocking the bowl cut? Ahh, those were the days.

4. When He Went Light Blonde

Like I said before, Bieber's hair began getting lighter and lighter earlier in 2015. Fans took notice and commented on this picture with words like "bae" and heart emojis. Can you blame them? His mane is looking fine.

5. When He Grew It Out

And as it got lighter, it also got longer. While I'm personally not one for the shaggy hair look on dudes, there's no doubt that he can work it.

6. When The Sides Were Sheared

Another addition to his long hair looks was an interesting sheared style. It was very retro, with the top of his head being voluminous and styled, while he opted for a super short cut on the sides. And somehow, it just worked for him.

7. When He Covered Interview Magazine

Come August, the musician's long, dirty blonde hair peaked on the cover of Interview Magazine. Many took notice of Bieber's toned body, but the real star was his hair. Just look at it.

8. When He Bleached It Platinum

D Dipasupil/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

And then, while doing promotions for his latest album Purpose, Bieber debuted a platinum blonde shade. According to Hollywood Life, a source said that Bieber wanted his album to go platinum, and thus dyed his hair as such to be surrounded by the metallic shade. Very poetic, JB.

9. When It Looked Like This

Was there ever a more appropriate time to use #IWokeUpLikeThis?

10. When It Was Ashy Blonde At The Video Music Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Then the platinum blonde faded a little bit after his album was released. Bieber went back to his dirty blonde roots (get it?) and embraced a long, side-swept 'do.

11. When It Was Slicked Back At The European Music Awards


For the EMAs in Milan, Bieber opted for an odd, comb-over style. This definitely wasn't my personal favorite, but it gave people a reason to talk.

12. On The Red Carpet At The American Music Awards

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no Bieber 'do like the unwashed glory look. I don't know what's better: His floppy, grown-out hair or the sexy smolder.

13. When Performing At The American Music Awards

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

When performing a set of songs from his newest album, part of Bieber's choreographed dance featured a raining dance floor. Right as his performance ended, the singer took off his cap and fussed with his platinum blonde hair, only adding to the romantic angst that the songs already developed.

14. When It Looked Crazy

I guess Bieber's hair can't look good all the time.

15. When It Looked Crazy Good

Scratch that. It totally looks good all the time.

You win, Bieber.

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Images: Interview Magazine (1), JustinBieber/Instagram