Get Ready For A Huge Influx Of Matches On Sunday

Along with all of the gym-going and personal improvement New Year's resolutions comes love and dating resolutions, too. According to Shannon Smith at PlentyOfFish, the busiest dating day of the year will be January 3, "when the site experiences a significant surge in traffic and the most singles will be online at the same time." It's set to be such a hit that it's been deemed National Online Dating Day by the company.

PlentyOfFish, which was the most Googled dating site in 2015, expects an influx of 24 percent more signups on January 3, with a frenzy happening around noon EST. This stampede is set to match people faster: "Users who sign up during the first week of January will find their partner an average of two weeks faster than those who sign up later, taking an average of just 10 weeks compared to an average of 12 weeks throughout the year," says Smith.

Similarly, Match predicts that the most users out of 2016 will be logging in on Sunday, January 3, at 8:52 pm ET.

Apparently something special happens on the first Sunday of the new year, and it's not long stress naps at the prospect of going back to work the next day after an epic week of holiday festivities. The alignment of New Year's resolutions with a renewed sense of hope and the feeling of having a clean slate just makes folks want to jump up and, well, sign up for a dating site. Obviously the same is true whether you're a Tinder kind of girl or more of a OkCupid type — it seems as though everyone feels more motivated to do just about everything at a year's dawn.

If you're single and in the mood to meet someone, now might be the time to consider filling out a dating profile, uploading a few photos and making your way toward datingville. Your average wait time is just 10 weeks.

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