These "New" Beauty Hacks Were Clutch In 2015

When it comes to beauty hacks, it's hard to pinpoint when exactly they came about. I predict that a lot of times, a "new" beauty hack emerges that has actually been around for centuries and has just reemerged in the modern era. Regardless of the beauty hack's origin story, we should all be happy that for some reason or another, these "new" beauty hacks made an appearance in 2015.

We at Bustle covered a variety of beauty hacks over the past year, from tips to cut your makeup routine in half to beauty hacks specific to traveling. Some were simple, like use all of those left over Birchbox samples to stock your toiletry bag when you're flying, and some of them were creative like using peppermint oil to enhance the fullness of your pout (which is much smarter than attempting the dangerous and bizarre Kylie Jenner lip challenge).

Some of the hacks were just plain weird, like when my colleague Jen Schildgen tried bathing in mayonnaise. Spoiler alert: She determined that it was not worth it, and we are eternally grateful that she tested out that hack so none of us had to. However, there were some really good hacks that came about it 2015, saving us all time and money. Here are the best beauty hacks of 2015.

1. Curl Your Hair In Minutes In A Ponytail

If you curl your hair every day, or even every couple days, you'll eventually get tired of spending roughly 30 minutes perfecting your coif. You can get loose curls in 5 minutes if you put your hair in a high ponytail before using your curling iron.

Pearl Ceramic Curling Wand, $25, Amazon

2. Use Coconut Oil As Makeup Remover

Oil has long been known to remove makeup, but only recently did coconut oil become popular. Turns out coconut oil does remove eye makeup (as long as you warm it up beforehand). Coconut oil can also help prevent chafing, on top of its many other beauty uses.

Nature's Way Extra Virgin Organic Coconut Oil, $13, A mazon

3. Remove Static With Hairspray

Aside from the below freezing temps, the worst part about winter is probably having static-y hair. I usually run a dryer sheet over my hair when there's static, but hairspray is a much easier alternative, and it will probably hold my hair's wave, rather than messing it up.

Tresemme Tres Two Extra Hold Hair Spray, $5, Amazon

4. Clean Your Face With Micellar Water

Wash and moisturize your face at one time with micellar water, which is one of the breakout products of 2015 (at least in the U.S.). It now comes in wipe form, which is even more convenient. Treat micellar water as a face wash that you don't rinse off afterwards.

Simple Make-Up Micellar Remover Wipes, $6, A mazon

5. Use Yogurt To Treat Sunburn

AFP/AFP/Getty Images

According to Cosmo , the probiotics (another trendy life hack from 2015) in yogurt can help restore the skin, especially sunburn. Interesting.

6. Spray On Your Nail Polish

This is quite possibly the best beauty invention in 2015 (in my humble opinion). Get a perfect mani in no time with this revolutionary spray on nail polish.

7. Apply Brow Products In Reverse

Maybelline's global brow expert Maribeth Madron told PopSugar that the best way to groom your brows is to apply your brow gel or clear mascara from the tail and work inward, versus starting near your nose and working outward. This method is effective because it more thoroughly coats each hair.

Maybelline Brow Gel, $4, Amazon

8. Tape Your Toes Together To Make Heels More Comfortable

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Tape your third and fourth toe together when wearing heels to make them more comfortable. Apparently there is a nerve in between these two toes, and by taping them together, you alleviate some of that pain.

9. Wash Your Hair With Clarifying Shampoo Before Dyeing At Home

I dye my blonde hair red every couple weeks and I was starting to notice that the ends of my hair were always darker than the top. At lot of people mistakenly thought this was intentional reverse ombre. My hairstylist informed me that it was actually parafin build up from the wax in my shampoo and conditioner. She recommended using a clarifying shampoo before dyeing my hair to remove the build up. Brilliant.

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