'Home Alone' Just Won The 2015 Movie Reunion Game

With nostalgia at an all-time high, 2015 was playing to win when it came to movie reunions. The former Hocus Pocus kids had a Halloween get-together, Marty McFly and Doc Brown took one more ride, and well — you saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens, right? Surprisingly, Home Alone 's reunion just won the movie reunion game thanks to a last minute entry from one half of the Wet Bandits, Daniel Stern.

Stern filmed a video response to Macauley Culkin's adult Kevin McAllister short, which found Kevin still raging against his mom and torturing home invaders. The darkly comedic short nearly broke the Internet as Home Alone fans finally got to see Kevin all grown up — albeit, totally messed up, too. Then Stern decided to play along by releasing his own video which has created a nightmarish Home Alone future I think every '90s kid has been secretly wanting to see since they realized just how disturbing the original films actually were.

In the video, Stern reprises his role of Marv, one half of the bumbling home invasion team known as the Wet Bandits. Marv is now the one home alone, a ball of anxiety who is pleading with his former partner Harry to find him before "the kid" returns to finish them off. Marv's terror is all too appropriate in light of Kevin's disturbing future. Watching both videos together creates not only a killer reunion, but a mini continuation of the franchise. Well-played, Culkin and Stern. Check out Culkin's video first:

On its own, Culkin's video was a devilish treat — Kevin as a serial killer burnout is one of those bizarre scenarios no one thinks they will ever see. One video alone does not a reunion make though: It took Stern's vision to put Home Alone squarely at the top of the reunion heap, and this is without any of the stars even sharing screen time — which also makes it the most inventive reunion. Basically, Stern and Culkin are geniuses.

It makes perfect sense for Marv to still be addled by his encounters with the eight-year-old trap artist that was Kevin. Imagine the former home invader seeing Kevin online as an even more capable, torture-minded adult — who could blame him for freaking out? Stern's response is hilarious, intense, and a fitting way to cap off a year that brought about so many joyous reunions.

The Home Alone Internet double feature wins because there's nothing saccharine about it. Instead of giving you warm and fuzzy feelings it takes its franchise to its inevitable conclusion. Sure, you may never be able to watch Home Alone the same way again, but it's totally worth it for this twisted taste of awesomeness.

Image: 20th Century Fox