The Top 9 Food Moments Of 2015

It’s hard to believe that 2015 is over, isn’t it? With the year coming to an end, there’s no limit to the yearly roundups and highlights to help you remember the best moments throughout 2015. If you’re anything like me, you like to remember the best food moments of 2015 first and foremost. Forget the worst celebrity outfits and best movies — I want the top 2015 food moments to sink my teeth into!

You might be asking yourself, what in the world are "food moments" anyway? Think anything and everything related to food, like the premiere of Chef in 2014, or when the cronut came on the scene. For those of you whose lives revolve around food, you know that these two moments in food history were a pretty darn big deal. Do you think you can guess what the top 2015 food moments are? Go ahead, I’ll give you a second to think it over…

It’s hard to narrow down, isn’t it? It took me a little too long to finally perfect it. How can anything even compete with the NYC Pizza Rat, after all? So without further ado, here’s the roundup to make you happy, hungry, and ready to move on to even better food moments in 2016.

1. Pizza Rat won over our hearts

The viral video of Pizza Rat excitedly dragging his slice down into the New York City subway endeared this rat to the hearts of thousands, just for a moment. You go Pizza Rat!

2. All-day McDonald’s breakfast became a thing

When McDonald's announced it would be opening up its breakfast menu all day long, I am pretty sure half of America’s heads exploded. Finally the Egg McMuffin snack I’ve been dreaming of every day at 3 p.m. can be REAL.

3. Food delivery got badass

With apps like GrubHub completely mainstream in most cities across the country, food delivery is the easiest task ever. No more wondering who delivers in your area, and settling on the worst Chinese place around the corner. Now you have massive lists to choose from, on demand, and in every city.

4. Extreme food went mainstream

Food on Instagram is a craze that exploded in 2015, leading to bigger, better, and more awe-inspiring foods being created in desperate hope of getting a viral mention. All drool-worthy and intense hunger inducing…

5. New Girl Scout Cookie flavors blessed the world

Just when the Girl Scouts announced online ordering, they followed the big news with three new cookie flavors (holy WOW right?). Toffee-Tastic, Trios, and Rah-Rah Raisin have been added to the addictive roster, and two of them are even gluten-free. Way to keep up, girls.

6. We lived in fear of guacamole with peas

The New York Times had the audacity to suggest putting peas in guacamole, and the Internet lost its sh*t. While some people were more open-minded to this additive than others, most agreed it's better to stick to the original recipe.

7. Emoji ordering became a thing

Domino’s is allllll about the emojis, and this was seen in its campaign that let people start ordering via emoji. Just tweet the pizza emoji and boom, pizza was on its way.

8. We finally got a taco emoji

In 2015, no matter where you turned, there were tacos. Street tacos, humble tacos, and tacos being elevated to all new levels. The most highly anticipated taco of them all? The taco emoji, of course. (Still waiting on that bacon emoji, though — just saying).

9. Chipotle shared the key to the kingdom

This just so happens to be my number ONE food moment in 2015. When Chipotle released its guacamole recipe to the world, everyone’s mind imploded, because holy GUAC. Find the recipe here.

For more food ideas, check out Bustle on YouTube.

Images: H. Michael Karshis; T.Tseng; Marit & Toomas Hinnosaar; Consumerist Dot Com; Jennifer; Mike Mozart