What Is The ‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Cast Doing Now? The Season 2 Stars Have Been Busy

It’s been a few months since we said good-bye to the Bachelor in Paradise cast members and now that the 20th season of The Bachelor has begun, I decided that maybe it’s time that we take a look back at our favorite cast members from the summer show and see what they’ve been up to since we last saw them. Luckily for us, Bachelor cast members have a solid social media presence and pretty much document their every movement. Do I feel a tiny bit creepy now that I know literally everything happening in their lives? Yeah, actually I do, but now you don’t have to look up each one of them. I’ve made your life easier. You’re welcome.

Plus, I am also excited to start predicting which of Ben’s ladies will be heading down to paradise. My money is on the twins. Joe Bailey would be thrilled and is probably already texting them. Just kidding, guys! (Maybe.) Anyway, we left off in Paradise with Tanner proposing to Jade, Nick and Samantha and Justin and Cassandra giving their relationships a chance to grow, Kirk and Carly breaking up, Tenley saying goodbye to Joshua, and Ashley I. leaving still a virgin. Let’s see where they've gone since then.

Jade Roper And Tanner Tolbert

After the show, Jade moved to Kansas City to be with her fiancé, Tanner. Since then, the couple has just been enjoying their time together and taking lots pictures with their pets. Oh, and they're also big on getting paid for Instagram posts. Who wouldn't hop on that train given the chance though? According to US Weekly, the couple will wed on live TV on Valentine's Day.

Ashley Salter

Shortly after leaving paradise, Ashley Salter reconnected with her college ex-boyfriend and after a few months together he proposed. They got a house together, she bought a new car, and is currently planning her upcoming nuptials.

Jillian Anderson

Jillian has been a busy gal over the past few months. She left her home in DC and moved to Colorado. According to her LinkedIn, she also landed a job with Fox News in Colorado Springs. Basically, she doesn’t need a man; she’s killin’ it.

Carly Waddell

After that devastating split from Kirk on the show, Carly has moved on with a new guy who's hopefully treating her better. Her Instagram shows she's back in Nashville, still making music and hanging out with her friends. It looks like she's also jumped on the sponsored-Instagram-posts train.

Clare Crawley

Clare is an important part of Bachelor Nation whether you're a fan or her or not. Since leaving paradise alone, she's been just fine working at a salon in Sacramento and hanging out with friends. The real world suits the Bachelor veteran.

Ashley Iaconetti

No tears here. Since leaving Paradise with a broken heart, Ashley I. is doing great. She’s been hanging out with her sister and her pals and, according to Instagram, she came out with a makeup line, which pretty much surprises no one. She was also spotted with Jared and Joe at a football game not too long ago, meaning those two left on good terms.

Lauren Iaconetti

To be honest, besides taking selfies, I am not too sure what Lauren has been up to since she went back to that married guy she was into. There were rumors floating around that Lauren was dating Joe, but I refuse to believe that. Although she posed a very important question on Twitter a few weeks ago, “Taco Bell or boys?” (Taco Bell, Lauren. Always Taco Bell.)

Tenley Molzahn

Tenley has been working hard creating a new cleanse diet, and she's been promoting it all over her Instagram. Other than that, she's been traveling to Denver quite a bit to hang out with JJ...

Juelia Kinney

Juelia is back home with her daughter and busy being a mom. It looks like she’s making some cash with Instagram posts and constantly hanging out with Carly. It doesn't look like she’s dating anyone at the moment, but at least she's got her girl friends and her adorable daughter.

Megan Bell

Megan Bell has a new baby niece in her life. She’s also been riding horses, came out with a song, and, according to Instagram, has been traveling to places like Puerto Rico and England.

Samantha Steffen

Samantha is still really pretty and seems to be single. That’s pretty much all I got out of her Instagram from the past few months. There’s just lots of photos of her and her perfect hair. There were photos of her and Jeremy Piven together, but it doesn't seem like anything came out of that stroll they took along the beach.

Amber James

What's Amber been up to? Well as you probably already know she's been filming The Bachelor! She's attempting to win over Ben after not finding love in Paradise.

Chelsie Webster

I feel like we didn’t get to know Chelsie when she was on the show, but since it ended, Chelsie rang in her 26th birthday and has been hanging out with her friends and her puppy Brody in Ohio.

Jaclyn Swartz

Jaclyn Swartz is literally having a better time than all of us right now considering she’s traveling around South America. She even attended her first Blackhawks game recently, which is pretty much a necessity if you’re a Chicago native.

Mackenzie Deonigi

Either Mackenzie wasted no time getting back together with the father of her child after the show ended or maybe they were never actually broken up. I creeped pretty hard on her and her boyfriend and one person asked him, “Im so confused... Have you two been together this whole time? Even when she was on the bachelor & paradise?” His response? “@mackenzie_deonigi you answer that….” Regardless of the suspicious timing, the pair is back together and a cute family once more.

Dan Cox

Don’t worry guys, Dan’s beard is still awesome (if you were worried about that sort of thing). Since Paradise, he’s pretty much been hanging out with all his Bachelor nation friends. He went to Nashville to hang out with Jade and Carly, went to iHeartRadio music festival and hung out with a bunch of people there, went big for his birthday in Vegas, dressed up as Khal Drogo, and ended up in Guyana. You keep doing you, Dan.

Kirk Dewindt

I’m still upset with what went down with Kirk on the show, but personal feelings aside, it looks like he’s been really focused on his workout program. It looks like Kirk has a new girlfriend too. I am not sure if she’s the one he left Carly for, but her name is Simone. With the kind of Instagram photos he has, it also seems he likes to fish a lot.

Mikey Tenerelli

There seems to be a trend with the men here. Since leaving BiP, Mikey can be found lifting weights at the gym. Besides being shirtless constantly, he attended the Toronto International Film Festival a few months ago.

Jonathan Holloway And Cassandra Ferguson

Right after the show ended, we found out Jonathan and Cassandra started dating. They continued dating for a bit afterward, but it seems like they’ve broken things off. I know this because Bachelor contestants old and new document their entire lives on social media and they stopped posting pics together about two months ago. According to Instagram, Jonathan has just been hanging out with his son and Cassandra has been taking care of her son. They’ve both been doing sponsored ads on Instagram.

JJ Lane

Besides hanging out with Tenley when she's in town, JJ has just been in Colorado raising his daughter and hanging out with his friends. No word on whether or not he finally moved out of his mom's basement. He also just had a bit of a hockey mishap which left him with a black eye and stitches.

Jared Haibon

I keep wondering if Jared is still the manager of a restaurant. If he is, you can’t tell by his social media. Is photos are flooded with pics of him hanging out with his pals and his Bachelor family since BiP ended. He and Ben Zorn have an adorable bromance going on.

Joe Bailey

To be fair, I’m not sure that anyone really cares where Joe has been since Bachelor in Paradise, but I’ll tell you anyway. After creeping on his Instagram, I learned he spends most of his time with his horses and he got a weird haircut. As of November, he still says he’s dating Lauren I., but there’s no evidence of that from her end, so I don’t know if it’s real.

Joshua Albers

After his breakup with Tenley, Joshua headed back to Idaho. He’s still welding roses for people. After writing about 100 articles about The Bachelor shows, I feel like maybe Joshua should send me one, no? He doesn’t post much, so no solid update on his love life, but he seems to be still on the market.

Michael Garofola

Last week he posted a photo with one of Ben’s ladies, so let the new friendships begin, I guess. Michael has been attending sporting events on a pretty regular basis and moved back to New York City from Texas recently. He also dissed Game of Thrones and literally 8.1 million people with this comment: “Lots of people post pics sitting in that #GameOfThrones well, throne, which to me looks as uncomfortable as talking to those same people.”

Nick Peterson

Nick and Samantha broke up about three months ago, but it seems like it ended on good terms. It looks like he’s still single and takes a ton of adorable selfies with his dog, whose name is Mowgli! Obsessed.

Justin Reich

I didn’t realize most of the guys on this show are personal trainers, but they are. Justin Reich has been doing personal training stuff in Illinois. He updates his website every so often with videos and blog posts. Also, he grew his hair out. He works out constantly and looks like this without a shirt. #winning

Chris Bukowski

Since retiring from the Bachelor franchise on After Paradise, you can still find Bukowski hanging out with all his Bachelor pals. According to his Instagram he’s just getting back to his normal life and hanging out with his puppy, Miley. Good for him!

You can keep up with the contestants from here on out on their various social media pages. But, as a warning, you'll see a lot of ads for teeth whitening devices.

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