7 Truths To Know Before Going Blonde

It's the start of a new year, and if you're contemplating re-vamping your image and dyeing your hair blonde, there are a few things you may want to know before taking the plunge. Personally, I think there's a certain appeal to becoming a blonde at the start of a new year. Of course, there's the "new year, new you" concept that you may fancy embracing. But you might also feel like lightening up any previous dark days with a new, brighter 'do that can remind you of summertime and help you through the bleak winter months ahead.

Last year saw many celebrities embracing lighter locks. One of the most memorable had to be Kim Kardashian's platinum blonde hair, which came as a wonderful surprise to fashion and beauty enthusiasts. In fact, multiple members of the Kardashian-Jenner family have flaunted blonde hairstyles over the years. Along with Kim K's blonde debut, 2015 also saw Poppy Delevingne sport white blonde hair, plus a plethora of celebs who went the platinum route as well, from Justin Bieber to Rita Ora. Even Jared Leto went fair-haired for his role as The Joker in the upcoming movie Suicide Squad.

So as someone who is by no means a natural blonde, here's a bit of advice from me to you before you make the decision.

1. Reaching Your Desired Shade May Take Time

Going blonde doesn't normally happen overnight. After spending some time as a brunette and deciding it wasn't for me, I wanted to make a blonde comeback. I was sporting a chocolate brown shade at the time and, much to my dismay, I discovered it would take multiple appointments with my stylist in order to go back. Teen Vogue discussed going blonde with NYC-based colorist Kyle White. His advice? "Be realistic. If you have black hair, don't expect to go all the way platinum in one visit. You could end up with severe breakage, which may only be reversed by a very short haircut."

2. You Might Need Help From A Professional


Teen Vogue shared some words of wisdom on home dyeing as well. "Most colorists don't recommend bleaching at home, and for good reason: Things can get ugly — fast." Unless you are a qualified hair dresser or you have a friend or family member who is a hair stylist, I'd recommend visiting a salon to acquire your new 'do, based on experience. The first time my mom tried to go blonde from a dark brown shade, she enlisted the help of a friend who she thought was pretty good at all things mane-related. It turned out that she wasn't all that great and my mom was left with yellow, white, and green patchy strands instead of the beautiful blonde she had hoped for.

3. Blonde Hair Is High Maintenance

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In recent years, dark roots have become a trend. But BuzzFeed talked to Jan-Marie Arteca, a colorist at Jeff Chastain Parlor salon in New York City and learned that platinum blonde roots usually need to be dyed "every four to six weeks" if you want to keep them hidden. From my personal experience as a golden blonde whose natural hair color is mousey brown, I'd estimate that if I want my roots to look consistently flawless, I need to dye my hair monthly. My hair grows quickly, so the frequency of your touch-ups will likely depend on how fast your hair grows, your natural color, and obviously how much your outgrown roots bother you.

4. Dyed Blonde Hair Needs TLC

You have probably encountered an array of products for blonde hair said to be essential to keep dyed blonde locks looking their best. From protecting against chlorine in swimming pools to helping your color last, Marie Claire and Bumble's Clayton Lee inform readers on how to look after dyed blonde hair. "Protecting it from the heat," "keeping it hydrated," "fighting breakage," and "getting it out of the sun," are likely a few things you'll have to look forward to. So blonde hair may not be a good choice for folks who like low maintenance hairstyles.

5. Blonde Hair Can Be Pricey

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As we've learned, if blonde is not your natural hair color, the upkeep can really add up. To start, you may need multiple trips to the salon in order to reach your desired hue. Then you need to maintain your color. Plus, you'll have to take extra care of your hair with products that may not be cheap. If you'd rather not fork out for the cost of maintaining fair hair, it might be best to stick to your current 'do.

6. Your Hair May Become Damaged

The Daily Mail spoke with celebrity hairdresser Andrew Jose about the perils of using bleach. Jose explained, "Of all the coloring methods, bleach is the most damaging, and should always be done professionally and slowly." He went on to tell the publication, "Overuse and repeated application of bleach to the scalp can strip the hair of moisture and damage the follicle. This may cause the hair to either fall out from the root or to break at the weakest point along the hair shaft." If you have healthy hair and you want to keep it that way, Jose recommended "trying a toner before giving the bleach a go," so that you can hopefully keep your luscious locks in good shape.

7. You May Become Subject To Blonde Jokes

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If you don't have much patience for stereotypical jokes, you might want to give blonde hair a miss. People say things to blondes that range from dumb jokes to comments about "blondes having more fun" to the age-old "blonde moment" line. I know personally that being a blonde means you are automatically subject to preconceptions and boring comments from folks time and time again. So if you don't fancy dealing with the haters, you may be best sticking with your natural hue.

All this being said, I love being blonde and have found that the color really does brighten my day to day. So if you're OK with all of the above, why not go for it?

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