Wrap Yourself Up In A Whimsical Cape This Winter

The cape is arguably an unusual garment. It is part poncho, part coat, and part shrug. But it's also constantly updated to reflect the current trends while preserving the stylish timelessness winter capes are known for. After all, it's an item with a history rooted folklore, and one of the most famous capes of all is the scarlet style worn by Little Red Riding Hood.

It could be argued that the 2011 movie adaptation of this classic fairytale, Red Riding Hood , was responsible for bringing the humble cape back into the fashion spotlight. Amanda Seyfried (playing the lead) was seen in the most sumptuous, hooded scarlet cape, looking ravishing as she tried to discover who the werewolf haunting her village was. However, other popular films and TV series have also shone a spotlight on the garment. The Lord Of The Rings series featured many characters sporting capes while the cast of Game Of Thrones have flaunted this piece rather frequently, too. Even the most stylish celebs have been seen wearing them, from Gigi Hadid's chic cape to Solange's white cape dress.

If you're worried that capes are tricky to pull off without making you look like a superhero or as though you're wearing a cosplay costume, all it takes is a little styling to add enchanting appeal to any ensemble. So here are a selection of capes to make your wardrobe more whimsical this season.

1. The Little Red Riding Hood Style

Little Red Riding Hood Red Cape, $160, Etsy

Channel the classic mythical tale of Little Red Riding Hood in a darling, hooded cape.

2. The Starry Cape

ASOS Star Embellished Cape Co-ord, $39, ASOS

This magical cape would look spellbinding with your favorite little black dress for a special occasion.

3. The Sparkling Cape

Jameela Jamil Sequin Cape, $48, Simplybe

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your life, so if you're feeling like your outfit is a little basic, slip into a sequin cape to shimmer through your day or night.

4. The Chain Cape

ASOS Statement Festival Chain Cape, $13, ASOS

Lend your outfit some modern Medieval vibes with a simple chain cape. It's a surefire way to add a blitz of bling to any get-up.

5. The Embellished Cape

Plus Size Vintage Bridal Cape, $39, Etsy

Although technically deemed a "bridal cape," this stunning embellished piece will help you to feel special during any formal occasion you may attend — and not just on your wedding day.

6. The Snow Queen Cape

Lovedrobe Faux Fur Cape Jacket, $87, Simplybe

Channel your inner snow queen in a super cozy, faux fur cape such as this plus size number.

7. The Modern Minimalist Design

Leah Longline Cape Duster, $22, Boohoo

Wearing a whimsical style needn't mean you have to look old fashioned. This minimalist yet ethereal cape proves that.

8. The Adventurer's Cape

Plus Shannon Fur Collar Cape, $32, Boohoo

In my mind, this simple cape with a faux fur collar is reminiscent of maidens in folklore embarking on epic adventures. Where will your adventure take you?

9. The Patchwork Pattern

Patchwork Faux Fur Cape, $170, Top Shop

The patchwork pattern on this faux fur cape gives the impression that a grown-up Little Red Riding Hood has begun to fight her own battles, skinning her furry enemies as she goes.

10. The Flight Of Fancy Cloak

Orange Butterfly Fairy Cape, $82, Etsy

Why not set your heart aflutter with a beautiful butterfly inspired cape? Wear it over monochrome layers to stay warm, while keeping your ensemble simple and making sure not to distract from this wonderful piece.

11. The Wild West Cape

Mango Suedette Oversized Fringe Cape, $52, ASOS

If your favorite childhood stories featured cowboys and cowgirls, you're sure to love this fringed cape. Just grab a hobby horse and you'll be reliving your youth in no time.

12. The Military Design

Allegra K Women Stand Collar Double Breasted Poncho Coat, $22– $24, Amazon

This cape coat will keep you warm and stylish on cold winter days.

13. The '90s Cape

Urbancode Farrow Faux Fur Cape, $75, ASOS

Channel your favorite '90s icon in this funky, faux fur cape.

No matter the weather, you can create your own wonderland this winter in a wonderfully whimsical cape.

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Images: Courtesy Brands