Your Official Golden Globes 2016 Drinking Game

For some, award shows are a dazzling gathering of glamour, talent, brains, and beauty. For others, they can be a frustrating assortment of snubs, cringe-worthy speeches, and shouting at your TV when your favorites don't win (boo!). What I think both sides can agree on, though, is that alcohol makes for the perfect accompaniment of any good awards show — and for award show drinking games, the Golden Globes provide the most fun foundations imaginable.

If the Oscars is the older, more sophisticated (and kinda snobby, let's face it) sister of awards shows, then the Golden Globe Awards is the younger one who turns up at 7 p.m. with an arm full of beers, chips and dip. Rewarding excellence in both TV and film, the Golden Globes draws the greatest mixture of celebrities to its swanky award giving hall, meaning that you have smaller screen talents rubbing shoulders with the greats. And you know what else? They also look like they're enjoying a great party whilst they do so.

With notorious cringe-master of ceremonies Ricky Gervais presenting and with stars as varied as Lady Gaga, Eddie Redmayne, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus up for awards, I think we're definitely in for one treat of an evening. So please — assuming you're of legal drinking age — gather up your favorite friends, don your best red carpet look, and let's get drinking.

Oh, and guys — go easy on the booze, eh? It's a marathon, not a sprint. Keep yourselves hydrated and eat some greasy snacks as you go!

Take A Drink If:

  • Something ~crazy~ happens on the red carpet
  • Someone's actually down with #AskHerMore
  • Ricky Gervais says something offensive
  • Ricky Gervais makes a Star Wars joke
  • Sigh, you really just wish Tina Fey & Amy Poehler were hosting again
  • Someone cries during their acceptance speech
  • The Orange Is The New Black table is having more fun than anyone
  • Aziz Ansari is the happiest looking man in the room

Take A Shot If:

  • The celebrity audience goes wild for a presenter and/or statement in someone's speech
  • Amy Schumer and Jennifer Lawrence are just being BFFs, cackling
  • Lady Gaga has a drastic wardrobe change
  • Surprise, surprise – Maggie Smith is a no-show again
  • Ricky Gervais makes a joke about someone and the camera pans to reveal them definitely *not* laughing
  • Tom Hardy has brought an adorable puppy dog with him
  • Someone in the audience is caught looking mercilessly bored
  • A nominee has a less than dignified reaction to not winning

Chug Your Drink If:

  • There's a standing ovation
  • A presenter mispronounces the name of a nominee
  • An award winner gets played off stage
  • Jennifer Lawrence accidentally trips
  • Someone curses
  • Yikes, someone crashes a speech
  • Someone is drunk AF
  • Made it through till the end? ~Waterfall~

And there we have it! Stay classy, readers, and have fun. But also remember: Gervais will no doubt be saying a lot of offensive things and making a lot of jokes about Star Wars, so make sure that you come up for air once in a while, otherwise you'll be asleep before the first award is even handed out!

Images: Mcbrayers/Tumblr; Noyoureoutoforder/Tumblr; Jamesbagdale/Tumblr