Jennifer Lawrence Is Coming For The Oscars Again

With Jennifer Lawrence looking as flawless as ever as she accepted the Golden Globe for best actress in a comedy film on Jan. 10, I think it's safe to say that she was having a pretty stellar week career-wise. And the good just kept coming, as Lawrence was nominated for a Best Actress Oscar for Joy . Lawrence has been loved by the Academy Awards since 2011 when she was nominated for Best Actress in a Leading Role for Winter's Bone. But if there is one thing that the Oscars love more than Lawrence, it's Lawrence when she works with David O. Russell, so it was not surprising when she got the acting nomination for Joy on the morning of Jan. 14.

While Lawrence only has one Academy Award to her name, she was nominated in 2011 and 2013 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Leading Role for Winter's Bone and Silver Linings Playbook, respectively, and in 2014 for Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role for American Hustle. Two out of those three films were directed by Russell and Lawrence notoriously tripped up the steps during the Academy Awards ceremony in 2013 when she won for Silver Linings Playbook . At only 25 years old, Lawrence's résumé is outrageously impressive and the actor will not be slowing down anytime soon as she is going to star opposite her friend Amy Schumer in a movie that the pair wrote.

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Although I would argue that Joy is Russell's weakest movie since I Heart Huckabees, which I still have a soft spot for, his films do always allow Lawrence to shine. As a person who is in the minority for not loving Lawrence's performance in Silver Linings Playbook, I can still acknowledge that Joy let her show superior range as Joy Mangano, the inventor of the Miracle Mop. The youthful-looking Lawrence may not actually be the same age as the characters she plays in Russell's films, as Funny or Die recently mocked, but that doesn't mean that will ever stop her from racking up the Academy Award noms.

Now the real surprise will be if her turn as the powerhouse Joy would actually get her another Oscar statue. While her nomination was pretty much a given, her chances of winning Best Actress at the 2016 Oscars are slim due to the amazing performances by so many women in movies during 2015, which I think is something Lawrence would still celebrate.