Lauren B.'s 'Bachelor' Date Upset The Others

Bachelor main man Ben Higgins was certainly flying high this week — his first one-on-one date of Week 3 took place in a bi-plane, with Bachelor contestant Lauren B. by his side. Even though Lauren is a flight attendant and literally flies on aircraft for a living, she was super nervous about this date. She mentioned something about not liking not knowing what’s going to happen — as a fellow planner, I agree wholeheartedly — so I’m just going to assume it was that and not the fact that she is lying about being a flight attendant. Anyway, while on their date, Ben and Lauren B. flew over The Bachelor mansion, which totally seemed like just a baiting technique by the producers. This stunt really sent fellow contestant Caila over the edge.

In one of her talking heads, Caila lamented just how hard it is to watch Ben take other women on dates — she said that she was worried about getting her heart broken, and she’s afraid to open up her heart on this show because she doesn’t know if it’s going to happen. First of all, Caila, it’s Week 3. No one loves anyone in that short amount of time. I couldn’t love a pizza in that amount of time. (Just kidding I totally could, but it's pizza.) Caila and another contestant talked poolside after the Lauren B. flyover, and Caila was just so upset. It was a mini-emotional tailspin, which I don’t really understand. You’ve literally known Ben for, like, four days! What is the deal here?

I’m going to chalk Caila’s heightened emotional state on the nature of being on The Bachelor. She’s recently broken up with her boyfriend, she’s young, and she’s worried about being humiliated on television. That makes sense to me in some world, but girlfriend, if you do not find love with Ben, you will find it somewhere else. I mean, look at Caila. She’s Care Bear-levels of adorable. She’s smart, too. Things will be OK. Wait until the final weeks to cry — that’s when all the tears should come out (and maybe some claws).

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Images: Craig Sjodin/ABC