Which 2016 Hair Trends Are Worth Trying?

With a new year comes new hair trends. But before you make plans to dye, cut, and style your mane according to the latest beauty standards, it's important to evaluate exactly which 2016 hair trends are worth trying. If 2015 was any indication, the upcoming year is going to be a big one for hair. However, not all trends are created equal, so making sure the trend you're going to try this year is worth it is more important than ever.

In an ideal world, we could try every single hair trend our heart ever desired and never have to worry (here's to you, Kylie Jenner). But considering hair damage, up-keep, and overall hair health, it's important to not only limit changes to our strands but also really consider the ones that we make. Hair, unlike fashion that can be taken off and makeup that can be washed away, is a more permanent decision. If you decide to rock a trend, it's important to like that trend before taking any form of action. And with so many hair trends on the horizon, it's easy to get overwhelmed.

So, you may be asking: Which 2016 hair trends, from cuts to colors to embellishments, are truly worth trying? From lobs to hair contouring, I've listed all the fool-proof, pretty, chic hair trends for the year ahead and explained exactly why you may want to considering trying them out.

1. Hair Contouring

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Designed to highlight and shade an individual's facial features with lighter and darker strands in specific places, hair contouring is definitely something every hair enthusiast should try in 2016 if they haven't already. Using light dye to highlight the high points of the face and darker dye to create shadow in the hollows of the face, a hair stylist creates the look based on your unique, individual features. Considering this trend can be designed just for you, it's definitely worth a try.

2. The Bob

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Looking for a good excuse for a generous trim in 2016? Look no further than the bob. Barely grazing the shoulder, a true bob leaves enough length to be styled without requiring too much time or attention. Easily one of my personal favorite looks for 2016, the bob is the perfect, chic hair cut. Plus, if J. Law can rock it, so can you.

3. The Lob

If you're not willing to go as short as a bob, it may be worth considering a lob. Just a slightly longer bob, the lob ensures that the hair will graze your shoulders. Allowing for more styling ability, this trend is the perfect option for those that want a medium trim but still want a good amount of length.

4. The Wob

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If you thought that's where the bad hair trend names ended, then you're wrong. Because low and behold, there's yet another bob-trend that may just be the one reigning supreme this year. The wob, or the wavy bob, is promised to keep the short length of a bob with wavy, beachy texture. I admit, the name is a little absurd. But this 2016 hair trend is for those wavy-haired girls that want a short crop.

5. Bronde

If you guessed "bronde" was a made-up mash of blond and brown, you are absolutely correct. While I have no knowledge as to how this term was created, I do know that the hair trend is describes is absolutely gorgeous. With hints of blonde in a darker, almost brown shade, the bronde trend is perfect for any fair-haired lady to try. With the best qualities of both hair colors, 2016 may just prove that brondes have more fun. Just ask Blake Lively.

6. Pixie

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Short hair, don't care. If there's one hair cut that inevitably gets a lot of buzz, it's the pixie. Super short yet super chic, there's nothing more refreshing or liberating than letting all your hair go for a cropped look. There's no doubt the pixie will be big in 2016 as it has been in years past.

7. Pastel Hair

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OK, Kylie Jenner. You win. Pastel hair is still one of the coolest, prettiest hair trends to date. Even though the coloring process requires lot's of hair damage, if you've always dreamed of rocking a gorgeous pastel pink shade now is the time to take the plunge. Continuing the colored-hair craze of 2015, there's no doubt 2016 will bring even more gorgeous and unique colored strands.

8. Bangs


Bangs are usually tricky, but since big names like Kate Middleton and Victoria Beckham rocked them late in 2015, there's no doubt they'll be around in 2016 too. Research which bangs look best for your face shape, since the fame-framing strands are an easy, subtle way to add an update to your hair. From side-swept wispy bangs to straight across, this year may be a better time than ever to try out a bangin' look. Sorry, I had to.

9. Natural Curls

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Put away that straightener and those relaxing products, because 2016 is the year of curls. This year, embrace your natural hair and all the curls that come with it by using curl enhancing products, diffusers, and different sized rods to get a natural and effortless look. A hair trend doesn't get easier than loving on your very own curly mane.

10. Wavy Texture

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Wavy hair is always a good default, but 2016 may just make it a trend. Think soft waves like on the models at the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show — angelic, undone, yet absolutely gorgeous. With limited hair damage and even hacks on how to get the perfect waves with as little effort as possible, all long-haired gals should try a wavy mane at least once this year.

11. Interesting Hair Parts

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Whether you throw in a braid, a sparkling hair ornament, or even throw in some loose glitter right at the roots, 2016 is all about interesting, pretty hair parts. Get creative with how you part your hair, because let's be real, aren't we all tired of a plain ole' part?

12. Long Hair

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Even though it seems like bobs, lobs, and wobs are the hair length trends at the moment, super long hair is also having a moment. Whether you have to reach for hair extensions or you're just rocking your naturally long 'do, hair with serious length is gaining more and more popularity.

13. Natural

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Finally, if there's one hair trend I hope will be popular for more than just a year it's natural hair. Having seen natural hair quite a bit in 2015, there's no better time than now to step away from it all and embrace your strands and all of their individual, unique qualities.

So now go forth, choose your favorite option, and get out those scissors — or, you know, don't do anything to your hair at all. 2016 trends are inclusive like that.