7 Best Positions For Winter Storm Jonas

According to the weather reports, the Northeast is about to get hit with one hell of a snowstorm. Winter Storm Jonas is making its way up the coast, promising to hit all the major Northeastern cities and everything in between over the weekend. Right now the forecast is saying that Washington, D.C. and Baltimore could be dealing with a full-blown blizzard, while New York and Boston are expected to get several inches of snow along with strong, windy conditions. It’s going to be an awesome weekend! And I say that without a single hint of sarcasm.

When a storm of this caliber hits, your activities immediately become limited. You can’t drive in it, so you’re house-bound, and if the power goes out, then you’re house-bound in the dark. While you can play board games by candlelight, because that’s always fun, at some point, even if the power comes back, you might need to do something else to get your mind off the fact that you’re stuck indoors. What should you do? You should have sex, obviously. It will kill some time, keep you warm, and make you happy AF.

With these snowy days ahead, here are seven sex positions that you need to know. Keep in mind, these positions work for two women as well.

1. Coital Alignment Technique

How to do it: You want to start in missionary. Then have your partner pull their body upward so it’s higher than it would be for traditional missionary. From here, your partner's pelvis will be higher than yours, which, when they grind against you as opposed to thrusting, your clitoris will get all the action it needs while being penetrated at the same time.

Why it works for snowy days: Snowy days call for body heat, right? Since that’s the case, the closeness of your bodies, especially since there’s all that grinding going on, will provide extra warmth and orgasms. You can’t lose.

2. The Cross

How to do it: Have your partner lie on their side, facing you. (Oh, hello there, partner!) Next, lie down as well, but on your back with your legs over your partner's hips. At first it might seem tricky to figure out how to move, but you’ll find that with some finagling it’s best if your partner does most of the moving, grabbing your legs or hips, to pull deeper.

Why it works for snowy days: This position is great for making your partner last longer, and since it’s snowing it’s not like you have anywhere to go anyway. It’s also really loungey in that you’re both lying down letting your hips do all the work. Snowy days are made for lounging. And sex.

3. Spooning

How to do it: Again we have a position that involves lying down while heating things up. Just as the name suggests, this one includes the regular ol’ spooning cuddle position, but with some penetration tossed in for fun. It’s great because it’s cozy and rear entry provides for deeper penetration.

Why it works for snowy days: Snow calls for cuddling, and spooning is one of the most beloved cuddle positions of all time. Although I don’t have any scientific proof that the latter is true, I do know that no one is going to turn down the opportunity to spoon and have sex at the same time.

4. Side By Side

How to do it: The “side by side” position is about truly embracing your partner while having sex. With you both lying on your side, your partner should move until their pelvis is low enough so they can enter you. Next, take your upper leg and wrap it around your partner, so you can pull them tighter into you. It may take a few minutes to figure out if grinding or thrusting works best, but you’ll get into a rhythm in no time.

Why it works for snowy days: If you’re perceptive, you might see a pattern here ― do you? Similar to some of the other positions, this one is also all about lying down, so you can get your cuddle on under the covers while having some hot sexy fun.

5. Modified Doggy

How to do it: For this one, you want to start in the regular doggy position. Then you want to lower your body down until it’s flat on the bed, floor, couch ― wherever you happen to be. While you lower yourself down, you want your partner to move with you, so they can stay inside and get the position just right.

Why it works for snowy days: Well, for starters, doggy style is always a crowd pleaser because it allows for some of the deepest penetration around. So there’s that. Secondly, with your two bodies stacked, you’re also getting maximum warmth and simple math deduces that snowy days call for maximum warmth.

6. Sofa Brace

How to do it: First, you want to get on your knees on the couch. Then you need to figure out if you want to drape your body over the side or back of the couch ― you know, which one looks most comfortable. From here, your partner comes up behind you and enters you from the back so you’re pretty much doing doggy style, but over a couch.

Why it works for snowy days: If you haven’t lost power, there’s a good chance you’ve been on the couch for hours watching TV, so this one should just feel natural. After you do it, you can go back to watching TV for another few hours, or until you can drive safely on the streets again... where you can have sex in the car, if the mood strikes.

7. Sitting

How to do it: Unlike the sex positions that let you lie down, you need to sit up for this one, but it’s worth it! Have your partner sit with their legs crossed, then straddle them, lowering yourself into their lap. Next, wrap your arms and legs around them, so you can use the resistance of holding their body to move up and down. It also gives you access to his lips for prolonged makeout sessions. Lips being a major erogenous zone that should never be ignored.

Why it works for snowy days: You’re essentially giving each other a bear hug while having sex. When the weather outside is frightful, what more could you possibly want?

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