Having A Crush In The '90s Versus Today

Feeling attraction toward another person is basic human nature; but what it was like having a crush in the '90s versus today reveals that even if love hasn't changed, our behaviors certainly have. Back in the day, it wasn't really cool to be obvious with your feelings. I can remember hearing about people my classmates had crushes on back in the '90s, but they were mere rumors; if you were too obvious with your emotions, you might end up on the football field, hanging from the goal post by your underwear.

Then we have to consider how technology has altered things. Mobile devices and computers have made it so that we don't even have to see each other anymore. It's a given: This has fundamentally changed the act of flirting. We don't have to flirt in person any longer. Simply like every single thing someone posts on Facebook if you're trying to drop hints. It's so depressing, but I've actually heard this before. Is this what the art of flirting has turned into?

What else has changed about crushes since the '90s? Well, I can think of a few things...

1. Spying On Them When They Aren't Looking

The '90s: You'd watch them from across the cafeteria, admire them as they took their math book out of their locker, and sneak a peek of them changing out of their gym shorts after an exhausting game of dodgeball.

Today: Their Facebook and Instagram profiles are public — SCORE. Now you can scroll back to their Cancun pics from 89 weeks ago. Just don't accidentally like anything, or else you are royally screwed.

2. Harnessing The Power Of The Written Word

The '90s: You'd write them intricately folded notes that played off as casual, hoping to ignite the flame. You passed the note to Carly who passed it to Bobby who passed it to Melanie who passed it to the love of your life. But they thought it came from Carly and then you got upset.

Today: Nobody sends Instagram DMs, and if you follow them Twitter, they'll know you stalked the hell out of them. A Facebook message! Ah, yes. "Hey Tim! I didn't realize we have 42 mutual friends. LOL! :D" Nope. They're definitely not onto you.

3. Arranging A Get-Together To Facilitate The Hook-Up

The '90s: You'd organize a game of Freeze Tag out on the playground during recess. It gave you an excuse to touch them.

Today: Your best friend is having a kegger tonight, and Lover Person will be showing up later on. You haven't decided yet — you may or may not offer them a shot out of your cleavage.

4. Hardcore Flirting, So He'll Finally Get The Point

The '90s: You were supposed to be mean to the person you had a crush on, so you probably threw worms at them or something. I'm not saying that anyone ever threw a worm at me. Yes I am.

Today: Selfie. Duck lips. Done.

5. Physical Contact To Express Emotion

The '90s: You held hands at the bus stop. That's... pretty much it.

Today: If you send them a video twerking against the door, you're being coy.

Images: ABC; Giphy (5)