Lala From 'Vanderpump' Makes Perfect Sense

Lala Kent hasn’t had the easiest time of it on Vanderpump Rules this season. There are a few reasons for this, all of which are unfair — people find her threatening, she’s sexual, she’s new (so no one trusts her), and she’s smarter than the average Vanderpump star (and she hasn’t drank the Kool-Aid yet). Fellow SUR-vers may not be her biggest fan, but Lala is really the one that the rest of the cast members should be following around, because everything Lala says makes perfect sense. Instead of being afraid of the Lala, they need to embrace the Lala.

I admire women like Lala who can just speak their mind, consequences be damned. Too often do women hold their tongues because as a society, we’ve trained women to think that they should be seen and not heard. Lala has a clear voice and a strong point of view, and that should be the rule, not the exception, as it is on Vanderpump Rules. Sure, she likes to be controversial, but I don’t know many people in their early 20s (Lala is only 24) that don’t. While that devil-may-care attitude may temper out as Lala gets older, I hope that she always speaks her mind, just like in these moments where she was the voice of reason on Vanderpump Rules.

When Lala Told Brittany The Truth About Jax’s Behavior

The funny part about reality television is that you can always go back to the tape — so why lie? Before Brittany, Jax’s live-in love, came to Los Angeles, Jax and Lala were sweatin’ each other, so much so that they basically were whispering sex into each other’s ears at the bar. When Brittany got wind of it, she wasn’t happy, and she confronted Lala. Lala told her the truth— that Jax said that he and Brittany weren’t a thing, and that as soon as Lala knew the truth, she backed off.

Jax, of course, lied about all of this when he was confronted, and Scheana inexplicably backed him up. Lala may have lost this battle on camera, but I hope that after the episode aired Jax and Scheana had some ‘splaining to do. Lala was just being honest with Brittany, and she got raked over the coals for it. You were right, girl — all of America sees it now.

When Lala Went Topless Because She Wanted To & Didn’t Apologize For It

Breasts exist. They are all different and great and not really a big deal, so why is it a big deal that Lala doesn’t really like to wear a top, especially when swimming? When the gang went to Hawaii, Lala opted to go topless and you would think that she suggested they all join a scary cult that lives in a dark ditch. The women — especially Katie — were absolutely scandalized that there were real live breasts out in the open. The horror! Here’s where Lala made a good point — if a pair of extraneous boobs is the one thing to make your relationship tank, you had a pretty crappy relationship to begin with. Lala basically said that she is living her life and it’s not her job to take care of other people’s relationships. If Katie was worried about Schwartz seeing breasts, they have worse problems than Lala, especially because Lala was barely talking to him. Get over it, guys.

When Lala Admitted She Was Jealous Of James Hooking Up With Someone Else

At the beginning of Season 4, James and Lala were flirting and sort of hanging out. There was a lot of kissing, but they didn’t seal the deal — the only stipulation between the two of them was honesty. When James found himself in the bed of fellow SUR employee Lauren (and absolutely covered in scratches that he was showing off), Lala couldn’t hide her disdain for him and her jealousy. I respect her for that — we can all try and be strong and detached, but sometimes emotions get the best of ya. Lala was not cool with James’ behavior, and she told him so.

When Lala Was Cool To Kristen Doute

Another day, another liar at SUR. James told Lala that he wasn’t dating anyone, when in fact he was still basically living with Kristen Doute when he and Lala first hooked up. When the women compared notes, James looked like a deer in headlights (it was wonderful). More importantly, though, was the fact that Lala and Kristen bonded together instead of pushing each other away. Lala and Kristen are not the problem in that situation — James is the one who lied his way into the beds of two women. Too often women will fight among themselves about a cheating dude, and I loved that Lala owned up to everything right away and apologized to Kristen for her ignorance. Good one, ladies.

When Lala Lied About A Modeling Job To Go To Italy

OK OK, so this wasn't isn't exactly moral, nor was Lala in the right here, but listen, sometimes I don’t want to go to work. Actually, most times. Lala isn’t a stranger to this feeling either — right when she was starting her job at SUR, she claimed that she had a modeling shoot in Italy and had to be whisked away for a weekend before she started working full-time. The modeling job thing was a lie, and I can’t fault her for that. Why tell your employer you’re getting a free trip to Italy? I would lie to my job (sorry, guys) if I just happened to get a European vacation thrown in my lap. Scheana and Katie basically beat the truth out of Lala, so she got in trouble with Lisa, but I would have lied, too. And you know what? So would Katie and Scheana. People in glass houses.

When Lala Didn’t Sleep With James Because She Wasn’t Feeling It

All the flirtations going on between Lala and James at the beginning of the season led everyone to believe that they were doing the deed. But you know what? They weren’t. Lala told Faith, her SUR bestie, that she wasn’t sure if she was attracted to James and didn’t know if she wanted to sleep with him. That’s A+ in my book — Lala knows herself enough to not go along with something that she doesn’t want to do. James was certainly voicing his sexual frustration here (he actually called her a slut to the Toms and Jax), but just because a woman says “yes” once, James, does not mean she needs to say “yes” every time. Bugger off.

Lala is clearly the most sage SUR staffer on Vanderpump Rules. She’s smart, she’s quick-witted, and she definitely keeps the show interesting. Let’s hope she comes back for Season 5.

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