Rowan Blanchard Shares Two Tips For Following Your Dreams That Anyone Can Benefit From — PHOTO

Weekends are all fun and games, at least until Sunday rolls around. Typically pre-Monday anxiety begins to build by the afternoon. Even celebrities experience the dread of starting a new week and the desire to just lay around not doing much. On Twitter on Sunday, Rowan Blanchard proved she's just like everybody else when it comes to making the most of the weekend. She wrote about how she spent the day eating and listening to Britney Spears. Totally living the dream, right? Actually, speaking of dreams, she did do one productive thing that day. Blanchard wrote a list of advice for going after your goals. And honestly, everybody should listen up. The 14-year-old Girl Meets World actor wrote,

Go and make things you've dreamed about

- Only you make your own rules

- Who cares what middle-aged men think?

Is that this awesome advice or what? It's so simple, but brilliant. Don't let others define the way you live your life, and don't let the opinions of others (especially a typically privileged group) dictate what you do. Whether "middle-aged men" is a reference to the Republican candidates who are quick to comment on women's health care, or the group who voted on this year's Oscar nominees, the specifics don't matter. What matters is that the voices of women, teens, and adults matter just as much as their male counterparts.

Honestly, I'm contemplating hanging a similar list on my own wall. Blanchard continues to set an amazing example that anyone can benefit from. From her wisdom about intersectional feminism to her declaration that she doesn't want to label her sexuality, she is setting a precedent as one of Hollywood's most powerful and poignant voices. And her essay about not apologizing in Rookie Mag ? That should be required reading for adolescents everywhere.

Another thing Blanchard's note proves is that you're never too young to follow your dreams. People may underestimate teens in Hollywood (and in general), but stars like Blanchard and pal Amandla Stenberg prove otherwise. They're starting conversations about real issues and inspiring their millions of young fans to do the same. Of course, Blanchard shouldn't be defined by her age, but it's worth noting, since at that age, I had no idea what the phrase "feminist" even meant. It's just a sign of the times and how this generation is miles ahead in wanting to talk about topics that matter. When Blanchard came out as "queer" on Twitter, people were quick to say she's too young to know her sexuality. But why? She shouldn't be faulted for being self-aware and embracing her identity.

All in all, Blanchard is an awesome individual. And the fact that she's so honest — whether on the days she feels like lounging around in pajamas or the times she feels depressed — helps open the doors for others to embrace their feelings and dreams in the process. Instead of dismissing her as too young, listen to the words that she's saying; you'll probably be pleasantly surprised.