10 Staples Every Girl Needs In Her Wardrobe

Being in your 20s brings on all kinds of occasions — interviews, new jobs, hot dates, and endless weddings. And what do all of these occasions have in common? They sometimes require you to look like the best you, which means you should build an adult wardrobe, ASAP.

I know, it’s a huge bummer that yoga pants and hoodies are frowned upon at such events. (Why can't my future boss just like me for me?) Unfortunately, as the world currently works, we all need to show up to such things looking put-together and stylish.

Of course, you can keep your concert T-shirts and college sweats. After all, what would the world be like without them? All I'm talking about is adding a few polished pieces to get you through life's fancier events. (Again, so many weddings.)

But having a few wardrobe staples isn't all about being presentable at special occasions. It's also about making your life easier. Who wouldn't want to throw open their closet and know exactly what to wear? Date night? Got it. Tropical vacation? All set.

Being an adult means building a wardrobe for anything life throws at you, as well as filling your closet with quality, timeless pieces. Now's truly the time to figure out your own, unique style, and invest in things that you'll have for years to come.

With that in mind, here are some wardrobe items every 20-something lady should own.

1. An Interview Outfit To End All Interview Outfits

You're going to be going on a lot of interviews, so you should procure the perfect outfit to impress your future boss. The thing is, this is going to be different for everyone. An artist will dress differently for an interview than an accountant, for instance. But regardless of the profession, you'll want to look for something that is polished and presentable. Something that screams, "I took a shower and am capable of work."

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2. A Great Bag, For All Of Your Bag Needs

With a job and all the responsibilities of adult life comes bits and bobs that need to be toted around — your wallet, keys, work supplies, etc. Look for a bag that you can take from home to work to dinner with friends. I'm a big fan of leather backpacks because I relish the ability to throw it on and forget about it. And I feel like, since they're leather, they look professional enough for an office environment.

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3. Real Shoes (Sorry, Plastic Flip Flops...)

Ah, investment pieces. There really is no better place to start your timeless adult wardrobe than with a good pair of shoes. Depending on your line of work, and what you do with your life all day, it's really up to you what kind of shoe you get. If you work in an office, you may want to splurge on a pair of amazing wedges. If you work outside, then get yourself the most badass pair of work boots you've ever seen. If you get a good pair (perhaps leather, well-made, with a good sole), then you're shoes will last for years and years.

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4. An Amazing Dress, Or Fancy Outfit

In your 20s you'll attend a lot of weddings, baby showers, office parties, and the like. So you should really have a go-to fancy outfit. For some, this means a baller dress. For others, this could mean trousers and a tailored blazer. Stick to your own personal style, but do make sure you have something ready in your closet for when the invitations come rolling in.

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5. The Perfect Pair Of Jeans (Yes, They Exist)

Finding the perfect pair of jeans can feel like a life-long quest, especially if you don't have off-the-rack proportions. Don't let it get you down. There are jeans out there for every body type, and if not, you can always buy a size up and take them to a tailor. Once you find the perfect pair, you'll really know the meaning of the term "wardrobe staple."

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6. Blouses & Sweaters Galore

Once you have your perfect jeans, you'll need something to go with it. This is when a great blouse or sweater comes into play. Start off with some basics, like a classic gray sweater, or a black button-up shirt. These things may not be the most exciting part of your clothes collection, but they do go with everything. After you have a few basics, move on to expanding your collection with more interesting pieces.

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7. A Date Night Outfit

Sure, you could wear yoga pants and your SO will still love you. And yet there's something so nice about getting dressed up and going out on the town. Just like your fancy dress, it's nice to have something in your wardrobe ready to go when you decide to do the whole dinner and a movie thing. The outfit should be comfy and feel like "you," but just a little bit more special than your everyday clothes.

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8. A Bathing Suit You Love

Not all of us dig bathing suits, and that's totally understandable. If you hate swimming, or hate being seen swimming, then you may be questioning why this is on the list. But let me tell you, missing out on a dip in a hot tub, or a trip to the beach, just because you're shy, self-conscious, or unprepared is a total bummer. Find a bathing suit that makes you feel hot, forget about what anyone else thinks, and go have yourself some fun.

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9. A Coat To Protect You From The Elements

Depending on where you live, you'll want to get a warm parka, a raincoat, or a light jacket to fend off the wind. Just make sure it's effective, and well-made. It goes back to quality again. Save up your dough and get a coat that will last for years and years despite the rain, sleet, and wind.

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10. Unique Accessories That Express Your Style

Being in your 20s is all about "finding yourself," and that includes your own personal style. So make sure you add items into your wardrobe that show who you are. Are you a classy, Audrey Hepburn-esque lady? Then maybe you'd love a string of pearls. Are you an artist type? Then you might dig some bizarre sunglasses. Whatever's your "thing," be sure to include it in your wardrobe so your personality will show with every outfit.

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There's so much going on in your 20s. Make sure you're ready for whatever happens with some solid wardrobe staples.

Photos: Pexels (5); Robert Servais, London Scout, Chelsea Francis, Hannah Morgan, John Mark Arnold, Ian Schneider/Unsplash