6 Contestants From Ben Higgins' 'Bachelor' Season Who Need To Join 'Bachelor In Paradise'

This season of The Bachelor still marching on and The Bachelorette is next, but fans are already excited for Bachelor in Paradise. Yes, production has not even started and there isn't even a cast in place, but there is still some talk going on. People want to know who's going to be on the show, considering the cast is made up of former Bachelor and Bachelorette contestants. And with Ben Higgins' season in full swing there are plenty of new possibilities. There are a few contestants from Ben's season of The Bachelor who need to go to Paradise. There are just some ladies who fans can't get enough of, and since they all can't be the next star of The Bachelorette, they should join in the Bachelor in Paradise cast instead.

If these women are getting so worked up over Ben, I can't even imagine how they would act if there were more men to woo. And aside from the outrageous antics that I am looking forward to, there are also a few good gems who I would like to see find another shot at love — or at the very least, a highly publicized short-term relationship. If I had a say in the casting process, these are the ladies who I would want on Bachelor in Paradise this summer.

1. Lace Morris

When Lace appeared on the Bachelor Live after show, Chris Harrison asked if she would go on Bachelor in Paradise and she seemed interested. Plus, America wants more Lace! From enjoying her wine, to throwing shade, to gracefully removing herself from the competition, she was always entertaining to watch. Bachelor Nation just needs Lace Morris on TV.

2. Olivia Caridi

Olivia would work on this show for one of two reasons. First, she just brings a constant influx of drama. Second, it's possible that she has been misunderstood thanks to some unfavorable editing and it would be nice to see another side of her. Nevertheless, I think that she is going to bring the entertainment no matter what. Maybe her cake can even join her.

3. & 4. Emily & Haley Ferguson

I would love to see the twins back but this time with multiple dudes. Their shelf life on The Bachelor definitely had an expiration date (as seen by Haley's recent departure), but I would love to see them on another show. Plus, I would just die to see men get confused and give out roses to the wrong girl or watch them knowingly switch places. The twin hijinks in a tropical setting would make for great television.

5. Caila Quinn

I can tell that Caila is going to go far on The Bachelor, but I just don't feel like she's going to win. Nevertheless, she is someone who I would like to see find love, so Bachelor in Paradise would be a great fit for her. I think she's the kind of woman who multiple dudes would fall in love with and it would make for a great love triangle — or even a square.

6. JoJo Fletcher

At first, I couldn't really take JoJo seriously. I mean, she came out of the limo with a unicorn mask covering her face. But then I realized how adorable she is. And I loved her even more during her one-on-one date in Las Vegas when the helicopter landed and the wind blew her, Ben, and the table full of champagne over. She is just so cute. She's someone who could provide some comic relief and also have a real shot at love — if she doesn't win Ben over this time around.

We'll have to wait to find out who Ben ends up choosing and who becomes Bachelorette, but hey ladies, the rest of your should stay open to heading to paradise! It's great weather for you, and great TV for us.

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