Why Body Glitter Needs To Make A Comeback

Since the early 2000s ended there has been a serious lack of appreciation for body glitter. The sparkling flecks that stick to skin like glue used to be so popular, but nowadays we hardly see the look any more. Which is exactly why body glitter needs to make a comeback. We as a human race must reevaluate the beauty and unique characteristics behind body glitter and make it a part of our beauty scene once again.

OK, that's a little dramatic. But seriously, a little body glitter never hurt anyone! And since it's disappearance from the beauty scene in the mid to late 2000s, back when Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera would douse themselves in it, it seems like the trend entered a void with no plans to return. But body glitter should really come back in 2016. While I admit it's old school, that doesn't discount the fact that it makes anyone wearing it feel absolutely fabulous.

So, here are 13 totally legitimate reasons body glitter should make a comeback and be cool once again. From suiting all different types of skin tones to perfectly catching the light, these reasons prove body glitter has, and always will be, the primary form of sparkle and shine.

1. It's Great For Highlighting

Body glitter is a foolproof way to highlight, whether it's your brow bone, your chest, your cheekbones, or even the roots of your hair. A little sparkle never fails to get some attention.

2. It Catches The Light

Inglot Body Sparkles, $16,

Since body glitter is usually a little thicker and more potent than a finely milled highlighter, you can bet you'll be catching light from all directions. Be prepared to be your own little disco ball.

3. It Looks Amazing On All Skin Tones

No matter what color your skin is, I guarantee body glitter will look gorgeous on you. Since body glitter comes in so many different colors and sizes, anyone can rock it no matter your skin tone. While most makeup isn't that versatile, you can count on body glitter to look fab, no matter what.

4. It's Perfect For Nights Out...

12ML Gold Glitter Gel Body & Face Glitter, $6.96,

Attending a concert? Planning a birthday party? Having a girl's night out? Why not sprinkle on some body glitter? Trust me when I say there's never been a better occasion for it than a night out.

5. ...Or For Every Day

NYX Cosmetics Face & Body Glitter, $5.99,

Or you could wear it every day. YOLO!

6. It Brings Out Creativity

Remember those days in elementary school when you hoarded glitter glue sticks and unsuccessfully begged your mom for those huge tubs of loose glitter for art projects? Body glitter is just like that, except the canvas is you! Have fun with it.

7. It Can Be Subtle...

Urban Decay Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder for Face & Body, $30,

A little spritz of sparkle here, a little dab of glitter there... To get a more subtle look, opt for this ultra-shimmery highlighting powder from Urban Decay.

8. ...Or Bold

*Empties whole jar of glitter on body.*

9. It Comes In Many Forms

Everything from tinted moisturizers to lip sticks, eye shadows and powders, come in glitter form these days. So why not embrace them all?

10. It's Impossible To Remove Completely

Yes, I was finding glitter in my mouth for at least three days after I shot these . The bright side? You're half-way through the next application!

11. It Makes You Feel Fabulous

MAC Silver Glitter, $22,

No explanation necessary for this one.

12. It Makes For The Perfect Accessory

Glitter Collection in Sapphire, $4.00,

Who needs stilettos or a structured handbag? There's nothing easier, more comfortable, or more glamorous than rocking some major body glitter as an accessory.

13. Because It's Just Amazing, OK?

But you already knew that, didn't you?

Really though, how could you deny the fabulous sparkliness of body glitter? So go out, grab some glitter, and cover yourself in it. I guarantee you won't regret it!

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Images: Melodi Erdogan/Bustle (7), Courtesy Brands