These 2 'Bachelor' Contestants Could Make It Far

This season of The Bachelor has been drama packed from the start, and the ladies have all fought hard for Ben Higgins' heart. With all of the strong personalities and the many frontrunners, though, it's difficult to say who might be Ben's Final 2 on The Bachelor. Each week, viewers could make a strong case for at least a handful of contestants. I initially thought that Olivia Caridi had the game on lock, but lately with her braggadocious ways, her fate doesn't seem to be so certain anymore. So, the question on fans' minds remains to be, who will be Ben's final two ladies standing in the end? (No spoilers!)

It's really a tough call to make but I think fans can certainly speculate with relatively decent accuracy. If I was forced to choose two of these lovely ladies that are currently left in the bunch, after much deliberation, I would have to go with Caila Quinn and Lauren Bushnell. I am secretly rooting for Caila to be the last girl standing, but I have absolutely no basis to claim whether that is actually the way the season ends. There are plenty of arguments to make for each woman.

Still, Caila is totally my favorite. I just like her energy and I think that she and Ben really connect well and seem to have fun together. I can't completely negate the fact that she hails from my hometown of Boston as one of the reasons that I love her so much. She originally comes from Ohio, but she has stated that she moved to Boston because she just loved the city so much. That's a contestant that I can root for.

When Caila had the coveted one on one date with Ben (along with Kevin Hart and Ice Cube... totally a standard date), Ben seemed really enamored with her. She opened up to him, and he was really into it. Since then, those two seemed to have a different kind of connection than the rest of ladies have with him.

Lauren Bushnell is also one of the ladies who I think could make it to the last rose ceremony. She is an absolute sweetheart and she and Ben are so alike. They both are so sweet-natured and seem to really be there to find love. It's hard to root against that. They connected early on in the season during their one-on-one date, and I immediately felt they had what it takes to go all the way. She bumped Olivia out of the top spot for me because Olivia just doesn't seem to connect on any real level with Ben.

I suppose similar arguments could be made for other ladies but I feel good about my choices. Still, I suppose we will all have to tune in to see for sure!

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell; ABC/Craig Sjodin(2)