13 Adorable Reactions To New Kylie Lip Kits

Twitter can be a good gauge of our cultural interests. It's certainly an indicator of the feverish anticipation for the Valentine's Day edition of the Kylie Lip Kits. Jenner and her team confirmed that the new trio of Lip Kits, featuring the bright pink Posie K, the rich red Mary Jo, and the pastel pink Koko, is slated to arrive online this morning. They encouraged fans to check the brand's Instagram feed for details. The new Lip Kits may land along with a much-coveted restock of the original trio of neutrals, since Jenner and co. have been posting photos of all the shades to tease and excite fans.

So, yes, it's abundantly clear that makeup lovers and Jenner fans are anxious to grab the $29 Lip Kits and paint their pouts accordingly. What's not abundant, however, are the Lip Kits themselves. Both the debut and sole restock sold out in nanosceonds. The Kylie Lip Kits left a trail of frustrated fans, all the while achieving serious "kult" status.

Fans can only hope that the production team was able to manufacture enough Lip Kits to meet the incredible demand. If they don't and more shoppers are turned away, I'm sure we'll hear about it on Twitter.

Here are the six matte liquid lipsticks that are causing quite a digital fuss.

It looks like the Lip Kits will be sold as a set, too! Ooh!

And for now, here's a bunch of 140-character or less snapshots of the excitement for what's to come.

This lovely doesn't want typical V Day gifts. Just a Lip Kit, thank you very much.

You can sense excitement mixed with fear!

Is that too much to ask? No.

If getting a Lip Kit were only a matter of simple manners!

You can feel her excitement emanating from her tweet.

Perhaps today is the day that Jenner can turn someone's dream into a reality.

Spreading the word!



This user isn't lying. The Kits have sold out on the quick.

The power of positive thinking prevails.

I'm not patient, either!

Alright, Kylie Jenner. Your minions are ready, willing, able, and waiting for new Lip Kits.

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Image: Kylie Jenner/Instagram (2)