AshLee Frazier's Relationship Status Right Now Suggests We Might Be Seeing More Of Her

Here's a riddle for you: how many Bachelor Nation shows do you have to do in order to find lasting love? Well, nobody really knows, because it's different for everybody. In fact, some people are still trying to find out. For example, what is AshLee Frazier's relationship status now? She's really been through the wringer with this franchise, so my curiosity is killing me. I'm sure we all remember AshLee, but, just to refresh your memories, she made her first appearance on Season 17 of The Bachelor, where she made it to third place; Sean Lowe eliminated her just before the finale. He chose Catherine Giudici, whom, I might add, he's been married to since 2014, so that was definitely a good call on his part.

However, it was obviously devastating for AshLee, who dated fellow Bachelor alum Brad Womack before breaking up in 2013, then briefly moved on with Michael Garofola, from Desiree Hartsock's season of The Bachelorette. And, with still more romantic energy to burn on former contestants, she tried her luck on a second show — this time Season 1 of Bachelor in Paradise in 2014, where she linked up early on with fellow contestant Graham Bunn.

Graham and Ashlee were the opposite of a popular couple, both with other Paradisers and with viewers, so it was seen with some relief when Graham sent AshLee home after a conversation with Michelle Money about how AshLee had treated Clare Crawley. (And it's hard to be completely respectful to those around you right after a heartbreak like the one AshLee had suffered on The Bachelor, so I still do have empathy for her. The way she treated Clare on BIP definitely wasn't OK, but I still do want the girl to end up happy, y'know?)

When AshLee left Bachelor in Paradise, she finally left the Bachelor Nation dating pool for a moment. The next person she was spotted with was Cody Manuel, a normal like you and me, who works at a tax firm. They were still together as of March 2015, but I have a sneaking suspicion that AshLee is single and ready to mingle these days. There appears to be no evidence of any men whatsoever on her Instagram page. Instead, it's a lot of group poses with friends, what look like modeling shots, and a few selfies. So, if I had to guess, we might be seeing more of AshLee soon on an upcoming Bachelor show. Fingers crossed that, wherever she ends up, she finds what she's looking for.