Why You Shouldn't Skip V-Day If You're Single

If you’re single and thinking about skipping Valentine’s Day, don’t. While the day of love may be stereotypically a day for couples, singles are celebrating Valentine’s Day, too. They’re even celebrating it by going out with their friends, as opposed to staying home and throwing anti-Valentine’s Day parties.

The survey of 5,000 respondents by online reservation booker OpenTable found that almost half (42 percent) of all singles are looking forward to a big V-Day dinner out with their friends or family. These singles aren't dreading the big day, but embracing it as a day of love in all its forms. Relationships, of all kinds, have aspects of love, especially the ones we have with our friends.

According to Chief Dining Officer at OpenTable, Caroline Potter, “Contrary to popular belief and defying misconceptions about their Valentine’s Day habits, singles are getting comfortable with dining out on Valentine’s Day regardless of relationship status.” Yes! I mean, what are we supposed to do? Stay home and hide away from the world, as if we’re dirty secrets that don’t deserve to see the light of day simply because we’re single? I think not.

Still unsure as to whether or not you want to go out into the world amongst so many couples this Valentine’s Day? Well, here are four other things the OpenTable survey found.

1. Almost Half Of Singles Plan To Share Their Celebration On Social Media

If you were just wondering why you haven’t seen a photo of someone’s meal on Instagram in the last couple hours, don’t worry! You’re going to get a hefty dose of dishes this weekend! According to the survey, not only are 46 percent of singles planning to share their V-Day celebrations on social media, but 21 percent plan to share photos of their meals.

2. Most Singles Are Fine With Couples’ PDA

Personally, whether or not I’m in a relationship, I’m adamantly opposed to PDA, but apparently I’m in the minority. Of the 5000 respondents, 59 percent are totally cool with couples getting all hokey and cuddly during dinner at a restaurant. Although it should be noted, that I can’t imagine a full-on grope session will be tolerated by anybody, so put that on hold until you get home.

3. Over A Third Of Singles Will Be Dining In Groups

While Valentine’s Day is often thought of as a one-on-one holiday, singles who are celebrating with other singles are actually great news for restaurants because they can fill those larger tables. With 35 percent of singles planning to make it a group celebration, those big tables won’t go to waste.

4. More Singles Than Married People Are Against V-Day Proposals

When it comes to popping the big question on Valentine’s Day, 36 percent of the respondents felt that any day of the year would be better, because cliché much? In contrast, those who are already hitched aren’t so down on Valentine’s Day proposals (maybe because they experienced one?). Instead, only 25 percent of married couples think that proposals should take place any other day of the year.

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