Are Blac Chyna & Rob Kardashian Engaged? Some New Photos Raise That Very Question — UPDATE

Just a few weeks after they began dating, Us Weekly is reporting that Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna may be engaged. If the giant diamond on Chyna's finger is any indication, this very well could hint that a wedding is on the way. Although considering these two just got together, it may just be a new piece of jewelry. Bustle has reached out to their reps, but has not heard back at this time.

(Update: On Wednesday, Chyna posted an Instagram with Kardashian and used a ring emoji at the end. This may be a major clue.)

Chyna is currently in Trinidad at the island's annual carnival with her BFF Amber Rose, according to Us Weekly. At the carnival, she was photographed eating snow cones and rocking the new piece of jewelry. Is it just a coincidence that she's wearing the ring on her engagement finger? I'd guess not. That's a huge diamond and a pretty deliberate decision to place it on that very phalange. Still, I'm not 100-percent sold on the idea that they're engaged. It could very well be just a way to garner attention.

It's worth noting that although Kardashian and Chyna haven't been together very long, they've already hit plenty of relationship milestones. Kardashian reportedly drove 1,300 miles to pick Chyna up from jail. He also was reportedly kicked out of sister Khloé's house and now lives with his girlfriend. It sounds like a whirlwind romance, in every sense of the phrase.

You can see a glimmer of the ring in the photo below of Chyna posing with her pals. She also uploaded another photo on Wednesday morning with the caption "Peace and Love baby." To me, that reads as a response to the rumors and she's essentially saying love trumps all. Whether that's engagement-related romance or more generic positive vibes, she's using the opportunity to only spread love — not give into any negativity or shut down any rumors.

A source recently told People that Kardashian is falling hard for Chyna. The source said,

She makes him super happy, and this is the first time that he's felt so optimistic about life in years. She helps keep Rob in check with his health and makes sure he is abiding by his diet and exercising. He feels there's strong potential for this relationship to go a long way but for now they are very content and complement each other really well.

By the relationship "going a long way," that could very well mean ending up in marriage. But that also doesn't mean it's happening right this moment.

Although their relationship status is uncertain, Chyna is not trying to hide the ring at all. So that definitely says something, huh? At least Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose recently squashed their beef by taking a selfie together. If Rob and Chyna are tying the knot anytime soon, it's good to know there won't be any bad feelings between the potential bridesmaids.