Here's How To Dress Like A Grown Up Powerpuff Girl

No matter whether you saw yourself as the feisty Buttercup, sweet Bubbles, or smart Blossom fans of this trio of super heroines can now dress like grown up Powerpuff Girls. It's been over a year and a half since the news dropped that a Powerpuff Girls remake was happening and we've finally been given a glimpse into the new series. I can't wait until the reboot airs — I'm sure many '90s kids feel the same way — and I'm super excited to see it with adult eyes. Looking back, the series contained some dirty jokes, which my innocent little brain missed as a child, and I wonder if the creators will drop in any comedic moments for the original audience.

The Powerpuff Girls were always perfectly put together, even when they were fighting monsters and kicking bad guys' butts, they rarely had a hair out of place. Plus, their color co-ordinated, pastel outfits were just the cutest. It's no wonder that fashion house Moschino was inspired by the gals and created a Powerpuff Girls inspired fashion line, which contains spring/summer garments that are available to buy right now, presumably to coincide with the upcoming release of the reboot.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to emulate sugar, spice, and everything nice in Powerpuff Girls inspired ensembles!


Fearless leader Blossom always knows what to do, just in the knick of time! Aside from her looks, her pink outfit and red hair bow differentiated her from her sisters.

Sweet And Tidy Dress, $55, Modcloth

A super sweet and simple shift dress makes for an awesome day dress for Blossom fans. Add a black belt for extra super heroine points.

Aiko Obi Belt Bodycon Dress, $9, Boohoo

Going on a hot date? This divine dress shows that grown up Blossom wannabes are the full package of brains and beauty.

Asos Curve Debutante Midi Dress with Lace Trim, $33, ASOS

If you have a special occasion on the horizon, tone down the pink and wear something a little more modest yet incredibly elegant.

Leg Avenue Women's Sheer Thigh High Stockings With Satin Bow, $6, Amazon

Adult Blossom would certainly approve of these feminine, white stockings with added bows.

Gatsby Mary-Jane Shoes, $120, Topshop

When you've got a full day at work, followed by chores, and perhaps a few monsters to slay along the way, a sensible yet pretty pair of Mary Jane's should do the trick.

T-Strap Bow Wedges, $50, Torrid

On the other hand, if you're planning on dancing the night away, pick up a pair of cute peep-toe sandals, because at the end of the day – girls just wanna' have fun!

Red Satin Double Bow Scrunchie, $2, Claires

Of course, no Blossom inspired outfit would be complete without a red hair bow! This scarlet scrunchie, encompassing a beautiful bow, is a convenient way to add a pretty and prim finishing touch to your ensemble.


Buttercup was the tough cookie of the trio; she didn't let anyone mess her around and she always had her sisters' backs when they needed her. Buttercup's signature color was a glorious green.

Sanita Turn Back Cuff Shift Dress, $20, Boohoo

Buttercup strikes me as a no-fuss kind of girl, so this slouchy, green shift dress would be wonderful for her grown up counterpart.

Nerri V Front Panelled Shift Dress, $14, Boohoo

Look cool as a cucumber in this lime green dress, which would save the day on date night or a girls' night out.

Cape Back Dress, $40, Simply Be

Make like a real super hero in this gorgeous, green cape back dress for special occasions.

Dries Van Noten 101 C5, $345, Linda Farrow

Although Buttercup did not share a love of accessories or dressing up like her sisters, I reckon these cat eye sunglasses would match her sassy personality.

White And Black Cushioned Knee-High Crew Socks, $5, Hot Topic

A pair of sporty, knee high socks would be just the ticket for tom boy Buttercup.

Allaby Biker Ankle Boots, $69, ASOS

Growing up, I believe Buttercup would have definitely gone through an angsty teen phase. Adult Buttercup would probably still wear a pair of biker boots as an homage to her younger self and because she'd still be a total badass.

Multi Buckle Strap Tall Boots, $72, Torrid

Wear these multi-buckle boots when you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and you want a way to non-verbally show this to the world.


Bubbles is the sweet sister of the group, who is kind to others and she can even communicate with animals. But, don't let her big blue eyes fool you, she can be hardcore when she wants to be!

Seam Skater Dress, $51, Torrid

Grown up Bubbles is sure to adore this simply sweet skater dress in her signature color.

Strappy Cut Out Mini Dress Blue, $34, Missguided

This powder blue dress would be a hit for fun-loving Bubble fans going on a date or attending a party.

Ladylike A Dream Dress In Blue, $100, Modcloth

This enchanting dress will have everyone wrapped around your little finger. Available in sizes XS to 4X.

Sky Blue Hair Ties, $5, Etsy

Don't forget Bubble's cute, retro hair ties, which look like they're going to be a signature part of her look in the reboot.

Adrian Plus Size Plain Tights Perla 40 Denier, $7, Amazon

Pop on a pair of white tights to channel classic Bubbles.

Black Patent Sweetheart Shoe, $45, Evans

Look like a total cutie-pie in a pair of sweetheart shaped shoes, which are available in sizes 6 X Wide to 12 X Wide.

Daisy Street Black Pom Ghillie Lace Up Heeled Sandals, $60, ASOS

Go for something a little more frivolous, like these fluffy sandals, to encapsulate Bubble's fun personality.

Unleash your inner super heroine and prepare for the Powerpuff Girls reboot in super heroine inspired clothing!

Images: Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, Cartoon Network Studios (1); Giphy (3); Courtesy Brands