11 Sexiest Disney Movie Scenes From 'The Lady & The Tramp' To 'George Of The Jungle'

For a lot of us, Disney movies are synonymous with childhood, which, in turn, is often synonymous with innocence. But, alas, Disney movies are not always as innocent as they appear. In fact, some are quite sexy (and offensive — Jafar basically turns Jasmine into a sex slave in Aladdin). Whether you worshiped Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty, there's not shame in admitting that you had a crush on at least one Disney character. But, sexy Disney movie scenes aren't limited to their signature animated films. Be honest, how many of you had fantasies about Will Turner (Orlando Bloom) or noticed that Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) made you feel some kind of way? For movies without sex, Disney movies sure are hot. To prove it, here are 11 sexiest Disney movie scenes.

Disney movies are famously vanilla and family friendly, but that's never stopped them from being sexy. Bottom line: if you didn't argue with your friends over who was sexier: Prince Eric (The Little Mermaid) or Shang (Mulan), then I don't know if you're a person with real, human feelings.

1. The Lion King


The Lion King is a rare Disney animated film that definitely features a sex scene. "Can You Feel The Love Tonight" playing while Nala and Simba frolic around in the jungle is pretty damn sexy. Don't believe me? Just ask Eddie Redmayne.

2. Tuck Everlasting


From the moment Winnie (Alexis Bledel) meets Jesse Tuck (Jonathan Jackson) in Tuck Everlasting, sparks fly. The montages of the two of them exploring waterfalls or just laughing and dancing together are peak Disney live action sexy.

3. Lady and the Tramp


Spagetti will forever be an erotic food thanks to Lady and the Tramp.

4. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Dead Man's Chest


There are plenty of sexy moments in Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean series, but the one in The Dead Man's Chest, when Will and Elizabeth declare their love through prison bars definitely takes the cake.

5. Enchanted


OK, Enchanted might be less sexy, more sweet, but the dance scene at the end is so romantic and so full of sexy tension, it transcends the family-friendly nature of the musical.

6. The Little Mermaid


The "Kiss the Girl" sequence in The Little Mermaid is way too romantic not to be considered one of the sexiest Disney movie scenes of all time.

7. The Princess Diaries


The flirty scenes between Queen Clarisse (Julie Andrews) and her head of security Joe (Hector Elizondo) aren't sexy in any real traditional sense, but the sparkling chemistry between Andrews and Elizondo is enough to heat up any scene.

8. George of the Jungle


There is no question: George of the Jungleis one of the most ridiculous movies ever. It also was probably one of the first films I ever saw with a naked man on screen. Scandalous!

9. Hannah Montana: The Movie


I admit, Hannah Montana: The Movie isn't really sexy, but every single time Miley's love interest, Travis Brody played by Lucas Till) speaks, I melt. It's science.

10. Tangled


"I See The Light," when Flynn Rider (aka one of the hottest Disney princes ever) gives Rapunzel the lantern she's always dreamed of, I am just gone.

11. Remember the Titans


Nothing turns me on like young men using the power of Motown to overcome racial biases in the locker room.

All in all, this list isn't horrible, but I think we can do better. So, come on, Disney, step up your sexy game!

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