11 TV Shows You Absolutely Need To Watch If You Love 'Full House'

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been marathoning Full House for weeks, trying to pack in all of those old episodes before Fuller House premieres on Netflix on Feb. 26. But, what’s a good little TV fan to do when those Full House episodes run out, and she’s facing one serious withdrawal from all of that family love? Turn to these other shows, of course! Because if you love Full House, then you are going to love these other shows.

These shows take all of the things that you love about the Tanner family and revamp them into new storylines with new family members and new circumstances. They’re not exact replicas by any means, but they have enough similarities to do the trick in between Full House marathons. I mean, by all means, have a Full House marathon as often as you can — but, if you're searching for another show that's vaguely similar, these are perfect.

So, just in case you’re in the middle of your requisite down time, or if you’re just looking for a change of pace, then look no further than this super helpful list. Because if you love Full House, then you will absolutely love these other shows.

1. Parenthood

SerialeFW on YouTube

If you love big families, then you will love this show about a family that, through all the hard times, never stops loving each other.

2. Keeping Up With The Kardashians

If you watch enough of this show, you’ll start to see similarities between it and Full House you never knew were there. Three daughters? Check! Annoying friend? Check! Anal-retentive parent? Check check check!

3. Black-ish

IGN on YouTube

A father with four children tries to create a sense of identity for his family that embraces their history while facing the future.

4. Modern Family

Play4me2012 on YouTube

Full House made it possible for shows about modern families to thrive — and this is definitely one of the shows that feels like a direct descendant.

5. The Grinder

You’ll love the famous ‘90s faces you find in this new sitcom.

6. The Fosters

Mattias Månsson on YouTube

Because this family has a very full house, and it keeps on growing.

7. Switched At Birth

charmed14921 on YouTube

Turn to this show for the warm-hearted moments. If you thought only Danny Tanner was capable of these, you were wrong.

8. Mike And Molly

Telestrekoza1 on YouTube

A great example of modern love, one that will have you remembering Jessie and Becky fondly.

9. The Goldbergs

televisionpromosdb on YouTube

Because throwback fun is the best kind of fun.

10. Mom

Family is funny, that’s what we learned from Full House, and it is especially funny with Anna Faris and Allison Janney at the helm.

11. Grandfathered

For the very friendly Full House face, obviously!

So get to watching, you Full House fanatics. You can thank me for the excuse to spend another weekend binge-watching sitcoms later.

Image: Warner Bros. Television